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Tarrant Ruston Airfield.....

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Jess and I nipped over to Tarrant Rushton airfield today.


This is the airfield where Major Howard and his men left to spearhead D-Day.....



As always, if I see a military vehicle I will take a pic so I got one of a Pig.



Main runway - which has had the edges of it pullled up. This was the runway that Major Howard and his men left from for Pegasus....



Then off into the woods that was used for storage of fuel, ammo, bombs etc etc - for frame of reference the woodland is in the back ground. Gliders and their tug aircraft line up ready to take 6th British Airborne Division to Normandy on the evening of 5 June 1944.








One of the bomb/fuel/ammo stores - the lorries would of reversed up to this platform and unloaded. These are spread throughout the woods.





This is the road that leads up to the bomb dumps. If you dig down 65 years of leaf litter you will find the road.



Nature reclaims. These are the roots of an ash tree that have grown over the concrete road.





I know these woods well as I coppiced them when I was a hurdle maker. This 'pile' is the rotten off cuts of my hurdles. I coppiced this wood 15 years ago.



15 year old piece of off cut from one of my hurdles...



During the war the Americans sprayed a area of woodland with a chemical - no ground flora has ever grown there since - just nettles and Dogs Mercury.....


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Thanks for posting the interesting photo's , interesting as in how Mother nature given time reclaims and transforms everything.


On one hand I d want to let nature take it all back , on the other I d be the one to grab a front loader and a chain saw and uncover everything I could to push back the growth for another couple of decades.


Just as well that its not my property.

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