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Bedford Ql


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Hi, does anyone know of the correct colour for the interior of a Bedford QLR? I think its a shade of light green but I am not sure, if anyone knows the RAL colour that would be even better. also does anyone know of the correct shade of green for the exterior paintwork, I appreciate this is a hotly debated subject and there would have been many shades depending on the mix etc, but is there a known standard colour or code?

Secondly does any body know how the brake vacuum resevoir for the brakes should be plumbed in? My Truck has has had the resevoir disconnected and i would like to re enstate it, I have done several internet searches for desciptions or drawings all to no avail, I can suss out an inlet and outlet and I presume it makes no difference which tapping is used for an inlet or outlet, one tapping is also for a drain off point, any info will be gratefully recevied.

Regards kevin

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Hi Kevin,


I was looking at some paint samples last night, from Frank Burbery Paints ( fbpaints@hotmail.co.uk ) and one was Interior Green, looked about right too.


A vacuum reservoir on a QLR ? Normally they were only fitted on lorries that were to tow vacuum braked trailers, mostly RAF vehicles. My own QLD does not have reservoir, just got the servo piped straight to the manifold.


regards, Richard

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Hi Richard

Thanks for that info on the paint I will have a look.

When I bought the truck i was told that it was ex raf so that would tie in with what you have suggested about the resevoir. does the vacuum pipe from the manifold go directly to the booster?

regards Kevin

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Hello , the person I had my cargo body from has a ex RAF bedford QL. Started it's military service as a tanker but sadly lost it's tank section.

When I had a look around his truck the first different thinks that I so where the electrical cut out switch, the strange looking system for the spare tire and also the under pressure brake dial in to the cabin.

The cargo section on the pictures is home made!


Cut out switch.





ON the extreme right the under pressure dial





Spare wheel looking devise.




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