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Deacs - Lubricating them



ok a question for the not sure corner.


As Deacs arent firing and we all have a go at shooting the tv screen indoors (oops just me?) do they need copious amounts of oil / grease? My good lady will just about tolerate me playing with my guns in the lounge but getting grease everywhere aint gonna help love politics :shocked:


I took most of the old grease out of the Bren apart from the sears as it was ancient, will the action wear down horribly if I dry fire?


If I need to regrease can I just use a small amount of car type grease?


Lastly will the gun rust living indoors with no oil on the outside frame?


Thanks y'all

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Normally grease in a weapon is for long term storage, a very light oil should be sufficient to keep it happy including the outside which will certainly mark/rust if this is not done- remember your fingers produce an acidic residue.


As for damaging the thing by playing with it, again a light oil should suffice -there is term for regular cocking and releasing a gun mechanism which if I write it down Jack and Lee will get very angry- but if you keep at it you'll go blind:nut:


Your good lady must have the patience of a saint.:shocked:



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Hi thier


Happily when i left the mob i managed to scrounge up a tin of weapon oil, as stated in above post a light oil, 3in1 for instance is perfectly acceptable.


Remember to apply it the wood work as well, regardless of type, as prolonged exposure to central heating will dry out the timber and encourage it to crack/split. You can always wipe off any surplus. Should the exterior start to develop fingerprinting as above, soft cloth and light oil will remove as long as it is done in reasonable time. Left for a period of time (indefinable as curcumstances vary) it will leave a permanant marking on the finish.


Regards and have fun in front of the TV :D



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