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Fitting a Surf and Turf in a 432


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Hi there,


I know my 432 was converted to a 'telegraph Station - carrier mounted' early in its life. This is very different to a command vehicle I am led to believe. It would seem it acted as a radio relay unit, decoding/encoding local broadcasts and then sending them back to base. It was evidently common to do this in armour rather than soft skin so the encoders would be harder to capture by an enemy after obtaining the security sensitive codes. . .


Anyway . . as part of my re-fit does anyone know how the surf and turf unit fit in a 432 & and especially how you would fit two sets. I know if one 321 was used with one 353 then a differnt plate was fitted by the door and one of the Tuuam' s was ousted for the Turf unit. However mine had three 353s and 'other' radios - probably HF?!. Obviously the turf/surf combo can not stack on the 321 as it does not then fit on the radio shelf due to shelf/roof clearances. Is there perhaps a plate to attach to the Surf which allows it to use a spare radio mounting slide?


Also what happens if two 321' s are used? and what encoders were in use in 1989 with teh BAOR (DMU?, BID150, etc?)


All thoughts received with thanks :D as it all helps to complete the picture.



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Evidently sometimes they fit them to 'upside-down' brackets mounted to the roof as well? presumibily these are above the radios in the sill or usual mount ?


Does anyone know anything about this?


And any sign of those photos Paul - please :D:D




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