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  1. You are indeed correct, plating is for axle weight purposes only and not connected to MOT Any vehicle over 3.5 Tonnes comes into the plating regulations, hence the fact there are 1000's of vans out there all under 3.5t I am sure there will be a 'get out' clause somewhere if the vehicle is not to be used for commercial reward own goods etc etc ?
  2. Is a forum protected under copyright? Its open for the whole world to see and use...only a question
  3. Stop waving at me on Motorways Good luck with that Iain, if Carlsberg made restorers !
  4. The big give away with an SCRA is the eqipment in the back There should be two banks of Ptarmigan radio eqpt and the remainder will be the 'blue' units housing the SCRA part of it
  5. SCRA Single channel Radio Access These vehicles were the mobile phone masts of the Ptarmigan sysytem and provided acess to the secure network, interconnected via RR links to a Trunk Node In symplistic terms
  6. Superb, just what I was after...ta
  7. Hi Guys Ime sure its been asked before but where can you get a good quality metal 432 model from?
  8. I cringe at people on ebay starting an auction at 99p and then put a reserve on it Start at the reserve you jelly heads :nut:
  9. Im'e glad ime out if that's what the Army is thinking about..kit cars !!
  10. I took mine 3 months ago A very nice lady came on a very rainy day and I thought...easy life...WRONG ! She explained that I would have to do a road test and that she would be watching from the pavements, she told me where I would be going and where I would be doing the emergency stop. Pulling away from the kerb and coming alongside a kerb were part of it as were constant and I mean constant nodding dog in the mirrors and realy go to town on safety...bob up and down in the hatch to check for traffic. I suppose it depends on who you get on the day My advice is to make sure its fit for
  11. Defo got water in it and needs sorting Re the coolant leak, it may be coming from the drain tap at the front bottom of the pack? or any of the larger pipes, best way to find it is by running the engine and having a good look. Re the colour scheme...2/3 green and one third black, the black used to go on sharp edges and corners with no defined shape Shape Shadow Shine Silloute Spacing etc etc
  12. I think it has something to do with side impact
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