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Found 11 results

  1. For sale is a Racal MA-4224 Radio Crypto Unit. It is a voice scrambler to be connected to combat net radios with a 7pin cable. I sell it as "untested", but I connected a modified cable, pins according to the MA4224 manual, to a VRC353 and it powered up and the LED lid. Audio was also available. For sale ist just the unit, I have no correct cable for the unit. 300 GBP ono + shipping from Germany More info: https://www.cryptomuseum.com/crypto/racal/ma4224/index.htm
  2. Re-post of list of Groups.io distributed from "wireless-set-no19" group Here's a list of radio related groups, mostly military or commercial in nature that were moved to groups.io (either by automatic transfer or manual rescue) - Armyradios Group - (the old yahoo group w/o the off-topic political / social issue noise) https://groups.io/g/armyradios Milradios Group https://milradios.groups.io/g/main GRC-9 Military Radio https://milradios.groups.io/g/GRC9 PRC-2000 Military Radio https://milradios.groups.io/g/PRC2000 PRC-316 https://milradios.groups.io/g/PRC-316 PRC-515 RU-20 https://milradios.groups.io/g/PRC515 PRC-64 and Delco 5300 https://milradios.groups.io/g/PRC64 PRC-25 and PRC-77 Radio Group https://milradios.groups.io/g/PRC77 Racal Radio https://groups.io/g/RacalRadio Harris Radio https://groups.io/g/HarrisRadio Transworld & Datron Radio Equipment https://groups.io/g/TransworldDatronRadios Oddball HF SSB Radio Equipment https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/main Antenna Tuners https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/AntennaTuners Japan Radio Focused on JSB-20 https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/JapanRadioJSB MacKay https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/Mackay Motorola Micom Mobat Radio Support Group https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/MicomMobat SGC https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/SGC Sunair https://oddballhfssbradio.groups.io/g/Sunair Collins 618T Group https://groups.io/g/Collins-618T PRC-174 HF/SSB Manpack https://groups.io/g/PRC-174 Additional radio related groups that started on groups.io include - PRC-2200 https://groups.io/g/PRC-2200 GRC-215 HF/SSB Radio System https://groups.io/g/GRC-215 Milpack https://groups.io/g/milpack
  3. Rare ww2 11 set coupling units, nos but rusty cases on the outside £80 for all three pictured.
  4. Are there any "active" Military Radio Forums left on the internet? Most of the ones I have found have not had a new post in 5 or more years. Is the Military Radio dead as a Hobby?
  5. As stated, looking for a CH-108 spare parts chest for the RC-58 facsimile set, WWII vintage US radio equipment. If you don't have one but know of one (for sale or not), please let me know. Alternative to buying is taking pics/measurements to reproduce one. Thanks all. -Tom
  6. Hi I have joined this group because I am trying to build a detailed scale model of a Humber FV1604 radio van (1 ton). I am a 'newbie' when it comes to military vehicles so am on a steep learning curve. Do any members own such a vehicle to enable photos and measurements to be obtained? I have seen photos on the internet of several nicely preserved examples. I am interested in particular in the vehicle with military reg number 35 BK 39 which I believe came from Catterick Royal signals, 24 regiment. Does this vehicle still survive? I am also interested in finding out about the paintwork and decals which were carried by these vehicles. I know about the yellow bridge disc, but realise there must be more such as regiment colours etc. Any help will be much appreciated. Looking forward to exploring this forum. Modelman
  7. Apologies now for any mix ups, mess ups, spelling mistakes or general lack of knowledge as this is my first posting! First things first - does ANYONE know the whereabouts of a Bedford MWR reg DEL399 these days???? I restored this little truck back in he early eighties and sold it to a guy in Warminster in probably '83 or '84 (I can't really remember, the old grey matter isn't what it used to be!) I've never seen or heard of it since and just wondered whatever happened to it? Secondly, I am considering selling my current Military vehicle - a 1963 Dodge W200 Powerwagon (Fargo style or Sweptline style) ex USAF Ambulance. Its a pretty rare truck and worthy of a good home. She did drive well (ask my brother about scaring buses) but hasn't been on the road for a few years now. "Needs a bit of work" I think is the official description! Any interested parties let me know and I will organise further details and pics etc.
  8. Santa arrived early and there was a 12m Racal lightweight 1486-000 mast complete with accessory kit on his sledge. :cheesy: I have a scanned copy of the user handbook but some pages are missing. Does anybody have a spare original handbook that they would like to sell or can scan and email me a copy thereof? Also, what accessories are needed to mount this mast on a Land Rover 110 GS (TUM)? Does anybody have instructions for such an installation or any of the necessary brackets? Wishing you all a Merry Xmas, Geoff 2E0WKT golfhotelwhiskey 1988 Truck Utility Medium 12V GS
  9. I haven't quite got in to the plethora of spurious bits of army kit that seem to adorn preserved vehicles at shows these days and aerials with flags attached are my favourite! Anyway, I've just bought a 12v Lightwieght with a couple of TUUAMs nailed to the front wings? and racking on the inside with the some odd connector boxes attached. I don't want to throw it all away and quite fancy a radio set but don't know anything about Clansman, or what goes with what. Can any of you radio experts help please -- what are the boxes? do they go together? (I note one has 28v on it) and what do I need to buy to make it all work -- set, parts, leads etc. HELP! :nut:
  10. Good morning all, Has anyone experiance of fitting a Clansman Set-up in Ferret's? I have a working 353 and 321 along with all connections etc and am slightly bemused as to how the tail from the arial base mount fits to the tuam. The tail is standard multi strand wire (not coax) so im not sure how it terminates at the tuam as all the ports are of the coax type?(except the earth) Also, how do the other ariel mounts (the ones with the screw down knurled caps) fit into the wiring? I understand they are for connecting up stand alone units in the field etc, but im at a loss as to how they wire into the ariel unit? On another note, does anyone know of any dealers that have any radio trays left? I have searched for ages and paced up and down the stalls at W&P but to no avail. I have seen the dimensions etc on the main Ferret site so it maybe that I will have to make one. If im doing that, is there anyone else out there that needs one as it would seems silly just to make a one off. Not sure about the price yet, I would have to cost up the steel etc. Kind regards, Simon Dawson OOEC18
  11. Hi there, I know my 432 was converted to a 'telegraph Station - carrier mounted' early in its life. This is very different to a command vehicle I am led to believe. It would seem it acted as a radio relay unit, decoding/encoding local broadcasts and then sending them back to base. It was evidently common to do this in armour rather than soft skin so the encoders would be harder to capture by an enemy after obtaining the security sensitive codes. . . Anyway . . as part of my re-fit does anyone know how the surf and turf unit fit in a 432 & and especially how you would fit two sets. I know if one 321 was used with one 353 then a differnt plate was fitted by the door and one of the Tuuam' s was ousted for the Turf unit. However mine had three 353s and 'other' radios - probably HF?!. Obviously the turf/surf combo can not stack on the 321 as it does not then fit on the radio shelf due to shelf/roof clearances. Is there perhaps a plate to attach to the Surf which allows it to use a spare radio mounting slide? Also what happens if two 321' s are used? and what encoders were in use in 1989 with teh BAOR (DMU?, BID150, etc?) All thoughts received with thanks as it all helps to complete the picture. Don
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