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Nightmare scenario


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Yesterday I did 350 miles in my Wolf with no problems. In the afternoon we filled it up, packed it up and went for some dinner. Later on (about 9:30) I went to put something in it and noticed a drip from the sender unit on the side of the tank. The stupid plastic connector which goes in a plastic sender unit was dripping. It turns out the plastic connector is broken and the sender unit side is cracked.


As the sender unit is half way up the tank, and didn't drip when the engine was running we decided to leave for the show and use up the fuel rather than have it drip. We packed up, started off and made it about 200 yards before it conked out. The vehicle runs for a few seconds and then stops, so I guess its pulling in air somewhere. This was about midnight and there was no way of turning round with the trailer on. I ended up driving all the way round the town, stopping and starting and driving for 20 or 30 seconds at a time. Doing about a mile took half an hour.


All attempts to fix it have failed, I've been out since about 6 trying to do something to stop it leaking. Looks like I'm going to have to drain the tank and get something else to drive down in. Why do these vehicles do this to us!?!?!




P.S. Anyone changed the sender unit on a 110 before? It looks like it's pushed in and then the rim bent over... another stupid design!

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Don't quote me on this but is it the type which is like a ring with tabs bent over ?

If so (and i cannot remember what vehicle we did this on) but we pushed the tabs back, wiped the sealing ring down, applied tons of oil resisitant sealant/gunky crap and then put the sender back in and hammered the tabs back.


Just a thought, try speaking to your local LR dealer (they can be very helpful) as the workshop may be able to give you a couple of tips when they have encountered this problem.

You'd be surprised how often they have to overcome stupid things such as this rather than the obvious option of 'fit a new one'.

Good Luck.

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Thanks for the info, that's what I was thinking of doing. There seems to be a type with a screw in locking ring, but I don't think this is one of those. I've ordered a new one and will play with it after the show. We have managed to borrow an ex-RAF 110 for the show. The only problem is... it's blue and white. But right now I don't really care!

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