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side marker lights

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Cant anyone tell if side marker lights are a legal requirement on a Bedford Tm 8T?


The vehicle is going for its MOT at VOSA and there is a question mark over whether or not they need to be fitted.


Thanks in advance.



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if you can find the number for the test station, ring and ask for the 'technical' guy, in my experience most are very obliging and will tell you why it should have them on if at all, or if not where it is written that they are not required. You might need to tell the Welsh person you speak to if you ring Vosa direct, that you want to ring the test station to answer a technical question.

If you can't ring, is it too far away to call in?

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The exemtions from having side marker lights are

1 Max speed not exceeding 25 MPH

2 Passenger Vehicles

3 Incomplete vehicles for completion, storage or display for sale

4 Overall length not exceeding 6 metres

5 vehicle first used before 1.4.1991

6 vehicles first use after 1.4.1996 of which certain conditions are satisfied re fitting of lighting and light signalling devices as per EEC directive 76/756 as ammended and slighment of dipped headlight beam.


1 through 5 above I think are easily understood, W.T.F. 6 means I do not know!


If your Bedford doesn't comply with any of the above it needs side marker lights.

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Thanks for your replies! I know what you mean about No.6. I read through the lighting regulations at the top of the page and the only thing i could find that was relevent was the first used on 1st April 1991 rule. The TM was first used in 1983 so im fairly confident that it is exempt!

The guy im buying it from is MOTing it for me and he is located just outside London and i live in Plymouth!!


Thought id see if anyone could give me a second opinion or come up with anything that id missed before i rang VOSA.


Hopefully it wont be too long till its all done and i can go and pick the truck up and start having some fun!!


Thanks again!

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lol..thankfully i have many years experience of the 3 piece split rims...so know that its now a job for ATS!! Just hope they got a couple of jerry cans to balance the wheel on while two squaddies jump up and down on the tyre!!

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