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  1. I did my training at my unit 27 Regt in Aldershot. You can also operate the multi lift system from the control box behind the cab on the passenger side. Good bit of kit...in the right hands A good friend of mine is a DROPS instructor at Leccy...she's ex 27 Regt!!
  2. Beg to differ there mate. Im ex RCT/RLC and did my DROPS training in Feb 93 prior to our regiments deplyment to Bosnia on Op Grapple 2. As part of the Drops Training we were train on SRTE (Simple Rail Transfer Equipment) and this bit of kit was operated remotely with a control box worn on a strap.
  3. "Red Dragon" in happier times! Berkeley Castle MVT show 1999
  4. And the tyres are round the wrong way!!
  5. lol..that sounds about right Paul! It was always a little worrying when the Warriors battened down their hatches and left us to just fend for ourselves with just helmet and flak vest!! Our drills were to to just gun it and hope for the best!! Did it many times going through GV and Tuzla!! Ive got the full version of the film on VHS..it also has an unofficial film done by the BBC reporters that were out there..its shot like a home video.
  6. We had a few nasty accidents out there...one involved 2 good mates of mine who flipped their drops on the hairpin north of Split. They had a water bean can on the back and they went too fast into the bend...the truck rolled onto its side, skidded along the road and crashed through a wall with a 30ft drop on the other side. Both lads were casevac back to Woolwich with serious injuries. It took 2 Foden wreckers to extract the truck from the bottom of the ravine. When they were taken to hospital they left behind their helmets, gats and ammo which all went missing!!
  7. This happened on Route Triangle...shows the type of roads we travelled on daily running supplies from Split to TSG, GV, Vitez and many other locations.
  8. 10 minute film of 1 PWO entry into theatre and their take over from The Cheshires Col Bob Stewart. It shows Warriors, 432's, Bedford MJ's, TM's etc...an interesting film. I was a DROPS operator with 7 Sqn during this period..quite an eye opening tour!
  9. I seen a Reynolds Boughton RB44 on the A35 yesterday morning towing a mahoosive boat!!
  10. Really interesting thread..does make you wonder! I think the Plymouth connection as originally posted could be about the story/myth that has been circulating for donkeys years about a load of Jeeps buried in a farmers field somewhere around Kelly Bray which is a village a few miles outside of the city. Can anyone shed more light on this?! Ive always wondered! I do remember when I was about 12 someone telling me there was a load of blown up Sherman parts dumped in a hedge on the edge of Dartmoor near the village of Bittaford..well off i pedaled on my bmx dreaming of finding a turret o
  11. 4 OshKosh HETTS heading into Marchwood @09:40 this morning. Very impressive!
  12. Im an Ex REGULAR and ive just joined a TA RLC DROPS Sqn...so what does that make me???!!! Ive only done it so i can get my hands on a drops again without having to buy one!! Mid life crisis i think!
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