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  1. I have for sale an inter vehicle slave lead. No longer required. Very heavy! Buyer collects..no postage. £60 ono. Plymouth. 07824885666.
  2. I did my training at my unit 27 Regt in Aldershot. You can also operate the multi lift system from the control box behind the cab on the passenger side. Good bit of kit...in the right hands A good friend of mine is a DROPS instructor at Leccy...she's ex 27 Regt!!
  3. Beg to differ there mate. Im ex RCT/RLC and did my DROPS training in Feb 93 prior to our regiments deplyment to Bosnia on Op Grapple 2. As part of the Drops Training we were train on SRTE (Simple Rail Transfer Equipment) and this bit of kit was operated remotely with a control box worn on a strap.
  4. "Red Dragon" in happier times! Berkeley Castle MVT show 1999
  5. Try these guys. They supplied me with lots of parts when I was restoring my TM. Excellent service as well and quick dispatch. http://www.thexmod.com/ Andy.
  6. Yes Rob you are probably correct in your asumption..very sad end if it has. Heres a link to a post showing the Scammell Constructor "Red Dragon" The owner of this truck is who I spoke to about the AEC back in 1999. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?17748-See-You-Can-Take-a-Dragon-Out-of-Wales&highlight=dragon
  7. Does anyone know the whereabouts of this lovely truck? I took these pictures back in 1999 when the truck was working in a boat yard in Plymouth. It was up for sale at the time for £1700. It was 99% complete and in full working order..I took it for a spin around the yard..great fun! I considered buying it but unfortunately had nowhere to keep it. However I mentioned it to a guy at the Berkley Castle MVT show who owned the Scammell "Welsh Dragon?" memory not so good...he was from N Wales. Well after a while I noticed it had been sold and gone to N Wales! And that was the end of that...never hear
  8. Nice looking truck..good luck with the resto:) Just one little thing..its should be "Too hot to handle"! You don't want "helpful" members of the public constantly pointing that out to you at every show you go to!!
  9. "2. Rollover. This happened to 2 good buddies of mine. Negotiated a bend too fast and flipped the vehicle. They were carrying a water bean can which shifted the centre of gravity". I mentioned this incident in an earlier post. Ive just been sent a pic of the truck that was involved. It smashed through a wall and plunged 30 feet down an embankment. They walked away..only just!
  10. I hope both the drivers had their excuses ready when they were banging their tabs in in front of the OC!!
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