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Hi all, my name is Iain Crofts and im from a little village called North Newington near Banbury. I came across this site whilst looking for pictures of explorers. I am new to M'V's and do not own any but have been to Bloxham steam rally the last couple of years just to watch the pulling demos. I do hope to own some sort of M'V in the near future but for now i shall enjoy this great forum.

Have a good day everyone!

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yeah i do seem to be on here all day at work. it could turn out very expensive too, as i seem to be drawn to the big stuff.


Remember Corgi and Dinky toys all those years ago.


Men don't grow up, but the toys get bigger! I can vouch for that having just aquired a 5.7Ton armoured truck. If we had webcam you would see the size of my smile.....Ear to Ear:-D

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welcome Iain.


this is a great site, full of very(?) knowledgable people, the occaisional argument, but what do you expect with a big family like ours.


I am sure a few of the scammell people will be along shortly to say hello (I think they are playing in the mud pit at the back of the club house, something along the lines of football, but using the various jeeps parked there!!!)


Seriously, welcome, the green disiese has no known cure, you are among fellow sufferers here



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i do have a soft spot for scammells. I think there are quite a few local to me. i have also managed to get my 4yr old daughter in to them as she sat in my mates explorer at Bloxham steam rally a couple of weeks ago!

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