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side/rear impact protection bars

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I know this is quite a well talked about topic but im still no clearer on the current requirements.

Im looking at buying a Bedford TM 8t which is registered and carries an "A" prefix on the reg plate which makes it an 83/84 year.


I came across this and wondered if the info in 2a is correct.




Thanks in advance.

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Don't have anything handy to check, but I believe it is. It looks as though that's lifted pretty much straight from CU 1986 anyway.


In my experience if you call or drop into your nearest goods vehicle testing station they're normally happy to advise on these sort of issues.

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Just hope vosa see it that way!


I don't think you'll have a problem there. In over 15 years of taking trucks to GVTSs I've always found them to be fair, consistent and to know the law even on fairly obscure stuff; under-run bars should be meat and drink to them.

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Sean you are right..


I paid a visit to my local VOSA testing station today and spoke to the main testing officer, very nice chap, and he confirmed that any vehicle registered before 1st April 1984 is out of scope and does not require under run bars side and rear.


So there it is..from the horses mouth so to speak!



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