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New Shocks for M35A2 and PM


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I got some ambition today and decided to install my new Monroe 34787 shocks. They were bright yellow, so I repainted them with Gillespie 24087 semi-gloss OD. I decided to go with the Monroes instead of NOS shocks due to the likely old age of NOS shocks. Aside from painting, it took about one hour to change them out. Very easy job. The Monroe's were a direct replacement for the originals, except the rubber bushings were thicker. The shocks I took out were dated 1968. Since my truck is a 1969 model, it is likely these were the originals. They were thoroughly worn out. Since I was already dirty, I decided to continue. I went on to check all fluids and greased all grease fittings. This was followed by adjusting the parking brake, long overdue. Adjusting the parking brake was very easy, although I had several people tell me it was a difficult task. It took me about 5 minutes, although it was a very dirty job. The parking brake works well now.


In checking the air pressure in the tires last week I found that the inside rear tire on the back left was flat. I replaced the tube. I paid someone to do it for me - $25.00 USD for everything, including removing and mounting the wheel.





Shock 2.jpg

Shock 1.jpg

Parking Brake.jpg

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