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1943 Royal Enfield WDCO smoking at start

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After being left standing for a while in the garage, when I start the bike I get a lot of smoke out the exhaust for about a minute, then it's all gone. After the smoke has gone, the engine is rattle free and running really smoothly.

Is the most likely cause worn valve guides and the oil is slowly seeping onto the valves and/or top of the piston? Any other potential causes? Any thoughts or comments much appreciated, including best ways to fix it!

Thanks in advance, Bob.


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Whilst standing, some oil can leak down into the crankcase, especially if there is some wear to the timing side crank shaft bush which will allow the timing case to drain down. After it all returns to the tank the situation should be normal. I'd give it a good 5-10 mile run, to determine if any further action is needed.  Ron 


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Thanks Ron. That makes sense.

P.S. Your WDCO looks amazing! Mine is a 'parts bike', not a thoroughbred like yours, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Picture attached. Note the wife-friendly extra-suspension pillion seat! Will be whizzing around Dunkirk on it in June. Hope to see others there as well?


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