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Dodge HyRail conversion


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Making progress today with the Dodge one ton rail conversion.


This is on a WD21 from late 1940 or early 1941 that I'm putting VC front sheetmetal, drivetrain and brushguard on.


I don't have the build card ( yet) so don't have the date, but it could be as early as September 1940.


Originally a one ton 4 x 2 panel with single wheels on the back it will be a 4 x 4 with the proper WD duals on the back axle and all VC up front, though the brushguard is actually a VF non-winch version.






... adding HyRail 307 gear to the front, mounted on a shortened VC military type bumper.







The rear HyRail gear is already on, and much neater than the front, as it fits neatly under the back and the rail wheels will be under the dually fenders.





Rear bumperettes and crossmember are from a Carryall chassis that is now under a pickup, pintle is VC, fuel tank is WC53/56/57/58 type with the filler tube up top to clear the chassis rail.


I need just a few small parts for the Fairmont HyRail 307 gear if anyone here has any on the shelf?







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I'm re-creating these WD21 panel vans used in the Ravenna Ordnance Depot, except I'm adding the front drive axle and VC sheetmetal, and having to use Fairmont HyRail equipment rather than Evans Auto-Railer




The US Army seem sto have fitted rail gear on all the common truck sizes;





... and I do have the Nolan road / rail trailer to tow behind it, which is actually complete except for wiring the lights and (electric ) brakes








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