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Hi there, my name is Matt, I'm 34 from Bradford West Yorkshire, main love is Off Road Racing in my specially built race car.


Joined the forum as we have just had a purchase for my dads retirement project, Fordson Thames ET6 504E, with the costcutter 4 cyl petrol. No documents but we have the chassis plate and the numbers all match.


Whilst removing it from the farm yard it was nestling in we started having a poke about and discovered under various layers of paint what appeared to be an "RAF" or "Navy" blue colour looks like the original colour?


The chassis plate has a space with WD Number wrote at the side but no number stamped in?


Can anyone shed any light on it for me?????????

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Welcome Matt.

I suspect I may already know you from off-road racing days.

Now you've entered the world of military vehicles, even by association there's no escape. It's no good pretending it's not your vehicle it belongs to your Dad etc, it won't be long before you sell the racer and buy your own project. I just happen to have something big and suitably daft for sale at the moment.

Sorry can't be of help with the Fordson, but please post some pictures in whatever state it's in, that always generates more interest.

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