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The Guards


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Nice youtube set of films from the 1960s about the Brigade of Guards. The best one is linked here but you can watch them all and see what made those woodentops tick (and tock) whilst the Ruperts talk a load of tosh.


Pt3 shows ferrets, RLs and Land rovers in Indonesia and Aden etc for guys who are looking for cammo or other things to put on your MV of that period



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I remember seeing this brilliant film first time round in I think 1967.

It got me thinking then, however it was not the Guards for me.

Thanks for providing the means to see this again.

It is a film of its time and should not be judged by 2010's attitudes, be they right or wrong.

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Taking you a stage further in your youtube watching, I will now teach you the proper way to watch video clips. The purpose of doing so will enable an individual or body of men to watch clips in a smart and soldier like manner.


Continue looking this way and I will give you a complete demonstration of the movement. (pause toop thuree click clip toop thuree) There you saw a complete demonstration of the movement, for the purpose of teaching and instruction we will break this down into parts, each part being numbered.


On the command ONE you will adopt the ready position, hovering mouse over the aforementioned clip start button. On the command TWO you will click clip and observe the correct military pause whilst the said clip correctly buffers on your screen. etc etc

Ah the joys of the All Arms Drill Instructors Course at Pirbright and the reduction of the Port lake at every opportunity.

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