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What happned to vehicles after the war?

Tony B

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The tracks don't look anything like a Bren Carrier's. To me it looks as if it is a Burford Kegresse half track, like the one in these photos.




Think you've nailed it there , the tracks do look like the rubberised ones and the rear door layouts the same.Never seen one of these before.

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correct the Jersey milita had 2 Buford H/Ts from about 1929-30 -wonder what happened to them- pushed off the cliff at Les Landes perhaps.


Officially called Carrier, machine gun, 30cwt Burford Kegresse B11E5 , 7 chassis were armoured - 3 by Woolich and 4 by Vickers at Erith. ML8604 armoured by Woolich- previously in service with the Cheshire Rgt (2 in service) and ML8623 both ended up with Jersey Milita attribution of local licence plate is not known. In the summer manuvers of 1928 2nd King Royal Rifle Corps used these carriers as part as Mechanised Force - the revolutionary Salisbury Plain battle exercises in the late 1920s. Probably the photos on post #24 of ML8605 were taken during the Mechanised Force exercises

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