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Stirling Military Show

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To All


My Regiment is leading for our Brigade with running the Stirling Military Show, Kings Park, Stirling on Saturday 19th June 2010.


I have been asked if it is possible to get some fellow mil veh bods, who are looking for a day out with their pride and joy/s. The aim is to form a vintage vehicle and diorama corner of this event It is a whole day event and some of us are staying (Camping) there then convoying to Rosyth the following day to support HMS Caledonia open day as well.


Anyone in the vicinity more than welcome -PM me and I can pass on contact number and details etc.





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Dear All, Having just returned from the show - 4 days for us -with the Regiment setting up, running then stripping it all out again, it was said to be the best show here for many a year.


I would like to thank you all, on behalf of my CO and the Regiment, for the tremendous effort that each and every one of you made to be there and contribute to making the show a success. It was. personally for myself, great to meet you all again and also meet new faces in the mililtary history, re-enacting and historic military vehicle world. The members travelled from as far south as Dumfries and as far north as Lossiemouth (correct me if I am wrong there lads) just to be here. My CO had the mission to make this years' Stirling Military Show the best ever, and I wanted to make the displays that all of you put on, collectively, as the best set of stands ever. We achieved that and more - please give yourselves a round of applause - the public and veterans I spoke to when doing my rounds were extermely impressed with the quality of the vehicles and kit on display as well as the great depth of knowledge from all of you. Also I think that the weather made it a fantastic day overall, and will need to book it again for the future.


Please pass this on to others who attended and maybe not on this forum and I look forward to seeing most of you all again in the near future at other events- this time amongst you and correctly dressed with Bouncing Betty (the jeep) in tow, actively collecting for the Army Benevolent Fund.

Once more thank you one and all



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