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Where the Journey began...


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We all got involed in this hobby for so many different reason from all different angles.


Whilst doing some research for A&E this morning - just looking at other places to visit I came across this clip from BOB - when I first saw this on TV back in 2001 - I was struck by it and so it became - the music alone haunted me.


It started with this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQRCHOJ17n4&feature=related and I was able to help then next clip happen....



02 August 2007 — This is the first time that this very C-47 has returned to this airfield since 1944..Upottery is in devon uk and is where elements of the 101st airborne division took off From on june the 5th 1944 D-Day...many where lost..you will see it at the start of band of brothers...However this is the real upottery airfield..


And help make this happen 2 years later...


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