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Hi from Bulgaria

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Hi all,

I live in Bulgaria ( I am English ) and have done for the last 6 years speak Bulgarian fairly fluently, own a 4 year old UAZ Hunter and have had a 469 in the past, both running on gas ( its 1/2 the price of fuel here )

Try to spend as much time in the summer under water looking at WW2 wrecks.

Found this forum by accident

All the best





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Welcome deafmishka , Sound like an interesting hobby to be diving in lakes,ponds and rivers looking for historical vehicles . Have you had much success ? what has happened to the ones you have found? have they be recovered for restoration or just for the scrap value?

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Sorry should have said Ship wrecks .... over 101 Ships, barges and boats from the German Black Sea fleet where sunk or scuttled at and the end of WW2

BUT there is plenty of wrecks of the four wheeled variety on the roads here :D

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Thats ok deafmishka You didnt write anything wrong I read the meaning into it wrong . Of the ship wrecks you have dived what kinds of things have you found ? Did you take and photo's ?
Hi Abn deuce, last year dived 3 times on a Romanian mine sweeper at 23 mts sank by the Russian Sub SHCH 211 by torpedo has an intersting gash on its bow which leads below decks, on the rear is 2 mines covered in muscle at 22 mts.

Dived on the SHCH 211 which is broken in 2 halves laying about 150 mts apart, also dived on WW1 German Sub U boat 45 although time was of the esence as it lays at 45 mts .

German barges sunk quickly at the end of WW 2 when the German Armys and Black sea fleet had no where to go.

The Black Sea is a weired place Robert Ballard and others think it could have been a possiable source for Noahs flood. :-)

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