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Hi from Matt

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Hi folks.

Rules is rules... Gotta let you know i'm actually a person etc..

Well i can't guarantee that but i am Matt Carey from hastings / Brede.

Been into MV's for about 5 years now. Our family vehicle is an FFR 109 Series 4.

Yep, that's right, series 4...

If solihull HAD actually rolled out a successor to the 109 series 3, it would be ours.

Pretty much a hybrid, but actually a coil sprung Frybrid..

My own veg kit is installed and i have used the vehicle as a testbed for different fuel / filtering / heating / fuels etc.

Haven't managed to keep the rain out yet but it is a landrover!

Failing that i build yurts from English Ash and Chestnut.. Completely waterproof and heated with a wood stove you may have seen my lil 14ft one at last years W&P.


So, i'll probably meet you all in the forums and link you at the shows.

Have a happy 2010


Matt and Pip.

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Welcome Matt


From another Sussex Member if interested I am holding a military event on the 24th April in East Grinstead if you wish to attend the please fill free to click the link an return the form to me asap (closing date 27th March)


http://www.sussexmvt.co.uk/Martellsentryform.pdf and you will then be able to put names to faces of some of the other HMVF members on here and also some of the other events thats happening.



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Hi Matt and Pip,

Don't know if you are aware but I'm sure there is a Hastings Mil veh club,............well they were at w&p last year.

There are a few forum dwellers from sussex, so welcome.

Give us a shout if you want details of whats on locally. (steam rallys, etc)


All the best,



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