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Importing a MV from the States.


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Has anyone on the forum imported a vehicle from the States from a dealer or individual? If so, what was the situation regarding paperwork. Did you encounter any problems with Customs and was there duty to pay on the vehicle?


I've emailed a couple of US dealers that refurbish or rebuild M series trucks. One dealer puts the vehicles through the workshop stripping them down to the chassis and rebuilding them including engines, gearboxes, axles, brakes, new wiring loom to convert them to 12v (not sure about this, but I suppose they can keep them 24v if you wanted that), respray, new canvas tilts, hoops, tyres etc,etc. The price seems reasonable in Dollars but with shipping etc I'm wondering if it's worth looking into? The other dealer mainly deals in 5 ton trucks. These go through a similar rebuild programme except they change the duel wheels for super singles.


He said that they have just shipped 2 units out to Australia, so the problem buying direct from Government liquidation where they wont issue vehicle papers to foreigners seems to have been got around.


These trucks are direct release from the Military so haven't been run on contam for 10 years and looking at the video on one of the dealers sites shows that they really do a good thorough job of rebuilding the truck into "like new" condition. The price of M series trucks seems to have just got higher and higher and they are getting to the price where it might be a better bet to import one.


I'm not looking at getting one just yet but I was wondering if it's an option someone else has gone through?





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It will cost roughly £700-£1500 to ship. that depends on if its containerised or RO-RO. Once landed you are then hit with 10% import duty on the purchase price of the vehicle. Then add 17.5% v.a.t. You will then have to have an SVA test if its a commercial. A lot cheaper than a IVA test on smaller car type stuff. One thing to remember is to make sure it has a clear "title" in the U.S. Other wise you wont be able to register it here.

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Imported my Jeep (43 GPW) from California (LA) to Felixstowe at £950 which included all taxes, import duties and Customs duty etc. very happy and speedy service by Kingstown Shipping Hull and their LA Agents, CFR Line Los Angeles


The guy who was involved is Alan Shores alan.shores@kingstownshipping.co.uk and he gave quote and arranged all from this side and liaised with LA side. Everything was relatively easy as they handled everything. All I had to do was take the jeep Title and any other relevant paperwork (also pictures of jeep helped too) to DVLA local office with proper registration application form and next day I was registered with new V5 and age related registration etc.


I got the owner to scan and send me a copy of the title and other paperwork (the original travels with the vehicle)


Hope this helps



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