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Ferrets in aden, june 61


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found this photo of 4 ferrets

does anyone know if any of them are still ALIVE ..?

1ST....... 03BB62

2ND....... 09BB11

3RD .......01CA78 ...i think ..!!

4TH .....CANT READ ..sorry

also there is a note on the back of the photo as you can see .




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Funny you should ask this question.


Last Friday night I attended a Robbie Burns dinner at the local Legion branch.


One of the members is an ex pat Brit like myself.


He spent 8 years outside the UK in the Irish Hussars as much as i could make out.


He regaled us with tales of Ferrets ans Saracens and Saladins.


As i was with other who were getting dis interested I didnt labour the point.


But I will be going over to his place to get some oral history and will see what I can piece together.



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Thanks for posting picture of the photo, it certainly looks like 01 CA 78 and I have checked my service records which although strangely seem to begin in 1964 and is complete from that date, this Ferret was actually in service from Feb 1959. It begins with Nov 1964 Guards Ind Para company then May 1966 Para Sqn RAC, who I now understand were in Aden at that time and got their Ferrets from Ind Guards coy. So thanks to your picture you have managed to fill in a bit of history for this Ferret.

01 CA 78 is alive and well, and I have had the pleasure of looking after it for the last 3 years after she was restored by a guy called Andrew Deacon back in 98/99 when she was in a terrible state. Andrew did a great job restoring her and apart from the odd leaks of oil it runs great, is very complete and is in very good condition.

Is it at all possible I could get a copy of your picture and your permission to enlarge it.


best regards Terry

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ITS good to hear that that 01CA78 is alive & well & is in safe hands !

its always great to find out a bit more history on ur ferret

i found a picture of mine 03CC28 in her U.N white earlier this month on FV701 SITE

from her history it must of been sometime in the late 70s early 80s !

if you send me ur e.mail address , i send you the picture

glad to be of help , filling in a missing link of 01CA78 history

any chance of a picture of her in the now !


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Glad you have managed to get a picture of yours in service as well, as Adam mentioned they appear pretty rare and bet you were well chuffed cos i certainly am. Havent been on the site for ages and just decided to have a look and saw your post. 01CA78 was in N Ireland from 1969 for most of 1970s before going to Cyprus and then BRITFORLEB (Beirut I guess) in 1983 and then back to Cyprus, (bits of white paint appear now and then). Finally sold off and ended up at Hirsts in 1995 where she must have sat until Andy brought it in 98. Where was yours when painted in peace keeping colours?

Have posted a picture hope i have done it right!


Many thanks again Tony email address is:




regards Terry


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