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Documentation needed for Sankey MK2


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I have a Sankey trailer, MK2. The identification plate incorporates several specifications, here are a few:


Coloumn 1:


Trailer Cargo Wide Track MK 2


Serial no 7313

Con no FVE (eve?) 21A 3803 (9?)

Ce xx No 31224

xx NSN 2330 99 893 - 4847

Chassis Fv2380


Coloumn 2:


Type: FV2381

Reg no 53KE20

Code no: AVC 2853(?)


I need some technical information on this trailer. I have a leaflet called "Trailer Cargo 3/4 Tonne Wide Track, 2 wheeled, FV 2381 MK 3 - Operation Information" which is fine for my two MK3 trailers, but the Norwegian equivalence of the DVLA will not accept this leaflet as documentation for my MK2.


(Which is not strange, as the breaking system differs).


Can someone provide such information or point me in the right direction?


I am also, obviously, on the lookout for other information on this specific trailer. Where did it serve? What did it carry? ect.



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Eivind I have been collecting & cataloguing British Army documents for some years now & I'm sorry to say I have never come across anything that specifically relates to the Mk2.


There is a wealth of information on the Mk 1, although it was only retrospectively called that, like the Series 1 Land Rover was just called Land Rover.


The first documents for the FV2381 appeared in 1978 with various modifications going on until 1988. I suspect the Mk 2 by PAROTOW incorporated these modifications & may have been produced in relatively small numbers.


I have detailed indexes for these publications, the latest one I have is 2003. But there is no individual entry for Mk2 as having specific documents of its own.





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Oh Gawd I can see this going to be like a striptease display of snippets from your AESPs!


I've looked through various editions of 0100-A-001-013 from 1994 to 2004 & that octad doesn't appear in any of those. So it must be quite early so I think I'll have to delve into my FAESPs although it's odd my 601 is dated 1998.


So I assume Chris this veiled excitement is a reference to a Mk2 somewhere in there? In 601 there is no reference but maybe you know something more:kiss:

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It's the Technical Description for the FV2631, dated '99. Can't see anything in there about Mk2, but thought you might be interested. PM me your email address.




Chris you've said FV2631 I think is a typo for FV2361?


Although that is 3/4 Ton it's not wide tracked, but what does it say in the Technical Description?

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Dear All.


I have come a bit further with this, but I need help in establishsing the year of manufacture for this trailer. If it is impossible to establish year of minufacture, i need documentation on when the military reg.no 53KE20 first was allocated.


Please help me out.


Regards, Eivind / Norway

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