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British Storage Box ID needed


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Hi Guys,

I need your help.


I need a ID on a British storge box. Below is a picture showing a metal box bolted to the side of a Motorcycle. The box wasn't factory fitted to the motorcycle so I need to know what vehicle was it originally fitted to. In another photo it looks like it contains Bren gun barrels ???? In the photo you can also see it is a tapered box and has a piano hinge down the right hand side. This photo was originally taken in the summer of 1940 ???


Can anyone help ?????



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Richard is correct, the reason for the tool box being relocated is to help act as a counter weight to the weight of the gun shield on the otherside and it was packed full of lead :)


Richard do you know what vehicle the long box would have originally come from ?????

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The guy who needs the box id told me from what he knows it was all put together within a week from bits and pieces so thats what makes me wonder that they robbed the box from a vehicle rather than making it plus the fact that the box is tappered and I would of thought that a standard rectangle box would do the job fine on the front forks??????


If hope someone can ID the box



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