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Hovis advert


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Never noticed the ww1 bit missing, doh!


Another one suffering from age? Try the following 1) Find your keys. 2) Place keys in pocket, 3) Wait thirty seconds 4) Where are your keys?


If you can remeber one out of three times, your ... Er what was I saying?:-D

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Guest Yin717

I thought that was a pretty impressive advert though! Alot of effort went into that. However my history teacher did spend like 10 minutes saying how an amazing advert that was. It was like 'yeah I know and?' I did spend time though trying to identify it all and I only got stuck on one, it was like in the 90's and there were riot cops and stuff and I didn't know what it was. Turns out it was probably miner's strike! I was like oh yeah!

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