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FV432 Final Drive oil Leak


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Hi all,

I have a MK 1/2 FV432. I have an oil leak from the centre of the final drive on the near side. It appears to be comming from around the rear of the large castlated nut. Does anybody know if I tighten this nut is it likely to cure the leak, or do I need to strip it down and replace oil seals??



FV 432 MK1/2

Land Rover 101 Radio Body

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I'd personally strip it down, and replace seals, you may overtighten and damage threads..... but you could drain the oil in the final drive? loosen the nut, plop some gasket goo, (the oil/heat resistant type), around it, and re-torque it.....it may work, if you are lucky. Trouble is leaks get worse, as my gearbox leak did on Saracen, lost all it's oil whilst driving,..-unnoticed, save fore a nasty burning-paper smell, but by then, it was tooo late burnt brake bands..... new /replacement gearbox required!!!! oops!

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Firstly remove lock bar and try tightening nut i,ve had a few that i've cured with a tweak if this only cures it tempory then Its not that difficult a job to remove hub, as i think gasket seal wont really do much good behind nut cos the seal is on back part of hub.

Not sure as to where to pick up new seals etc but no doubt someone on here will know.

Any help needed just gimme a shout and i'll see what i can do


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oil seal, or remains of will have a number moulded into it, any reputable Bearing and seal Stockist ought to be able to cross match the number and they shouldn't break the bank either...prob in region of about £20 quid, or so, I'd have thought.

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The filler bung has slots cut vertically in the thread which I think is supposed to relieve pressure build up, mine often give a hiss of escaping pressure when undone. Mine has also developed a slight weep from the nearside nut so would be interested to follow your progress in remedying this.

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If you open the front hatch and look at the inside of the l/h final drive at the top you will see a small pressure relief valve.It,s the same on the r/h but not very accessible..:argh:

There is only one main oil seal on the drive hub and it runs on the outside of the inner hub stopping oil coming out of the inside of the hub,all that stops it coming out of the shaft end is good fitting splines and a b----y tight nut!:sweat:bit like a lot of pinion shafts.

Wouldn,t worry too much about a little bit of oil as long as the nut is F T and doesnt keep coming loose.:coffee:



ps Obvious but make sure you always use lock plate and wire.

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