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  1. Me to. I came Saturday as usual. Yes it's quieter...and I agree possibly down 30 to 40%. But I've found it much more chilled out.....less noisey.....the stewards are friendly and chilled. It's been a great week for me...and some interesting vehicles still. I've enjoyed it much more.
  2. I apologise, my memory is getting worse! Just checked my photos and its SCO 60, very clear even on a photo! I know many are unreadable. barry
  3. Sorry guy I haven't got any service records yet. I've not got round to making the enquiry. I know it's a very early hull, number 9 I think, the tag is still readable on the rear.
  4. These are from when we put the engine in. Hope they show what you'd like to see Guy
  5. When we got it there was no engine in it. We put a mod recon in. I have a few pics of it with the engine bay empty. This is my first experience of a cvrt so I don't know how they should look. I'll try and post them up later.
  6. It does indeed still live. I'm the co-owner of it. It's truely fantastic to see the pics. Sounds like it's had a very eventful life, at the alvis show in August we met a previous crew member. He'd driven and commanded it in Catterick at some point. It had an engine fire as well while he was commanding it! it obviously wasn't cast in the end as it was converted to a Sabre. Barry
  7. Just shows its a small world! I'll get some photos up soon of the work we done
  8. Thanks guys, we worked hard for 4 days, we sourced an engine-and a nice 1 to :-) , dampers, track and a drivers seat. I collected all in a week up to the show, even getting the tracks delivered direct to the show itself. For 2 guys who have never worked on a cvrt it was daunting, but we figured there would be so much advice available it was to good an opportunity to miss, so we went for it! Thank you to Timbo and Chris for their help. Don't get me wrong its not finished, but we had a ball:-)
  9. I had the busiest show ever. We brought a Sabre in the last tender at Withams, and decided to take it to the show to tinker with. We had a day at home where we steam cleaned the outside, and started to clean out the engine bay and drivers position. I made a few calls and emails in the week up to the show, and it all started to fall into place. We collected an engine from Timbo on the Thursday before the show, loaded that Friday evening onto the Larry with the sabre. We moved into the show Saturday set up camp and just rolled the saber off the lorry. We started work on Sunday, finished cleaning the drivers position, the put the engine in, including shimming it to the correct alignment. On Monday we located bolts for the dampers, went off site to collect them, the put the dampers on. Monday we spent lifting the turret basket, and cleaning out the fuel tank, not a pleasant job! Tuesday and Wednesday we spent finishing off inside and replaced the turret basket, then the tracks arrived, so we then put the tracks on. We took some advice from Andrew Baker and wired up the engine, and put in some fuel. We turned the engine over with the fuel pump disconnected to get the oil pressure up. We then connected up the fuel pump, purged the fuel system, connected the fuel pipe. After wiping our brows, we hit the starter button, and after about 15 seconds she fired up. :-))) Andy Baker came over and was smiling as much as we were, he just moved it back and forth to see what happened and all seemed well. Thursday we installed the drivers/engine bay bulkhead, and connected the throttle linkages and put in a drivers seat assembley, time for a drive. I took the saber out of our area, and drove it around our block, what a feeling:-) my co-owner took it for a spin as well, and it drove nicely. We put on the deck plates, and headed for the arena Thursday afternoon, and it ran nicely. Wed had 4 days hard graft, but it was well worth it. The rest of the show we took a lot easier, we did put some paint on most of it, but the wind beat us! The rest of the show was much more relaxed, and we enjoyed the whole place. I recon the sites good, a bit of finer tuning will see it improve more.
  10. Several years ago when I had my ferret, it had Larkspur boxes in which I wanted to keep. I found that there is an "I box" which can be used, which then allows use of the Larkspur harness/boxes without a radio. For some info try this http://wftw.nl/harnessb/harness.html
  11. Hi John, we are normally oppersite you, I think you helped us out last year when we were working on our 432 with some tools. Anyway if we are there just pop over and ask, will be there at some point on saturday. Will have the 101 there, 432 not commin down til Monday.
  12. I would like to add my thanks to the organisers, what a great show again. We are still here chilling out tonight before clearing up and going home tomorrow. We've had a great weekend and enjoyed ourselves. The FH70s fired saturday and today, a problem yesterday aparently. Living history was good, and all the vehicles in 1 field works well I think. Keep up the good work, and well done to all the team involved.
  13. Congratulations to you and your family Joris. Good to hear all well with your new addition.:-) Hope she sleeps well!
  14. Is it too late to write in? Just got a reprieve from work so can make it now if possible?
  15. Have you tried hitting the breaks while driving with the clutch down?
  16. I have heard this as well from 1 of the reinactment groups. Aparently a H&S issue with people watching from roads and tracks around the site.
  17. I have some of these at work so could measure the distances between the hooks if that helps. I think there is a central fixed hook at the top. A simular arrangement can go in a ferret for mounting a 351 or 352 radio.
  18. I have an arrows trailer that I occasionally tow behind my discovery. It is a heavy trailer, and as you have already commented is significantly wider than my discovery. I have no problems towing it and find it a useful trailer. Probably the most awkward thing about the trailer is hooking/unhooking it, as it really wants to go on a slightly taller towing vehicle, the jockey wheel needs a bit of clearance to fold up out of the way.
  19. Hi Mark, Welcome to the forum. I'd heard there was a stolly in Harefield, nice to hear its in good running condition. We have attended the Harefield Hospital fun day for several years now with our vehicles, youd be more than welcome to join us later in the year if you wish.
  20. I have a Land Rover 101, made in 1977. The origonal paint colour, under the layers and layers of NATO green/black is deep bronze green. I'm not sure when the contract for the truck was drawn up/signed, but that would have been when the delivery colour would have been decided. Hope this helps.
  21. Very nice collection. Welcome into the forum
  22. Welcome Ian. Hendon is round the corner for me and I do visit a few times each year. I did liik at this last time I was there and thought it was in the process of being workrd on. Good luck with the project, and what va great place to help at.
  23. Surely there must be some redundant airfields in the country with hangers that can be converted? With the Harriers going, and all the other cutbacks there really should be somewhere these vehicles can be stored. The cost of the movement must be huge compared with the modification of an already secure airfield somewhere?
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