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Ferret Light Beacon


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I have a Ferret MK2/3 and noticed in some pictures on the internet there is a rotating beacon light similar to what you would find on the top of a police car. Single light, yellow in color, mounted behind the driver on the left, sort of near where the antenna would be.


Still trying to learn about Ferrets and didn't know if these were available to purchase and retrofit, why they were used, are they original equipment, how you wire them into a power source, and if it would be worth getting..


Thanks in advance for the advice..



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they are not original kit, they are a variety of after market truck (24v) ones. A lot of us have fitted them for the sake of extra safety when on the move.

as I'm sure one of the others will remind me however, the law says it is illegal to use them on a vehicle with a speed >25mph. The law is an ass, the relative speed difference bewteen Ferret and normal stuff on A roads or motorways means it is sensible to use it.


fitting is anywhere you want, there is no "correct" place as they are not an original fitting, Similarly power source is from whatever takes your fancy, if you want fancy then fit a relay for the switch, otherside just do it direct from any ignition controlled source, or if really poor just plug it into the aux socket

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They were never (as far as I know) fitted to Ferrets in service. You can retro fit one, as some owners have, by connecting a 24volt beacon to the auxilary power connector on the distribution box. This is the small 2 pin plug near to the inter-start connector. I have driven thousands of miles in mine without a beacon, technically driving at motorway speeds in a Ferret with the beacon going is illegal anyway.


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