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Found this site in CMV today, looks good. Already lurk around other mostly Land Rover forums and recognise a few names on here as well. Member of 101FCCR, EMLRA and an accidental founder member of Medway Military Vehicle Group.


Main vehicle is a 101GS and I normally tow the group's Blindfire Rapier tracker trailer. Also have an early Land Rover 110 which was a factory military demonstrator.

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Thanks for the welcome.


"Pull up a sandbag and a cheque book, your going to need one if you own an mv" You forgot to mention the heavily dented credit cards as well Shane. Need to do overtime all winter to pay for the summer!!


A look at our website will tell you most of what we are about, but we started out as Land Rover owners who drifted into the military scene and have since got completely out of hand. The first thing to start things really snowballing was being loaned the Rapier kit by BAe and since acquiring a lot more.


As displays got bigger and more kit obtained, it no longer all fitted in a 101 and trailer (plus I was getting fed up with hauling it!) so a Bedford TM 8 tonner with crane was bought at auction by another member. This carries a comms box (actually a BT van body!!) that is now filled to capacity with cam nets, tents all sorts of other stuff.


We do a lot of steam rallies around the SE (they have the best beer tents) but the main show is Military Oddyssey. We also do an annual trip to Belgium to the BOAR event at Arendonk. We don't bother with War and Peace though.


The latest vehicle to join us is a CVR(T) Sabre which should be at next years shows. If everyone turns up we have 12 vehicles and a tent city but we can fill a large area with just 4 vehicles and missile kit. We refuse to do straight line parking and got known as the Awkward Squad at an early stage because of it.


Now I've bored you all and it's nearly home time, I'm off. :lol:

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