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  1. Looks good, you could bring it along when complete to a club evening, or off roading next BBQ. Keep posting your progress. Regards Clive
  2. Great clip, especially as it's my mk1 steel bodied Antar being driven by Roger, does anybody know when it was filmed? I disagree with Rogers comment that it's not fun to drive, as I think it's bloody great fun.
  3. I think it's Leconfield, Headquarters Defence School of Transport, near Beverley As I understand a gate guard is a unused piece of equipment used as a static display near to and forming a symbolic display of "guarding" the main entrance to a barracks.
  4. It's intended to be installed as a gate guardian at the Beverly school of transport, they are selling of the mechanicals to find the refurbishment. No doubt some useful spares for someone, or purchase now and wait for the disposal of the gate guardian!!
  5. Hi I have a "prototype diesel Saracen" converted in the late 80's by Alvis ? I purchased it a couple of years back and it is used off and on road. It is fitted with a Perkins turbo phaser, it retains the original pre-select gearbox system and cruises on the road at 45mph. It has "air over hydraulic" bakes that are great, the steering is power assisted via a hydraulic pump engine driven, the GCP is also air assisted. The internals/controls were never finished with no lighting or engine dials, only a start switch and oil pressure light ! Regards Clive
  6. Mark You hit the nail on the head, A running ARV is worth more in scrap, regardless of being a runner or a dead tank. I have purchased two over the last couple of years A Cent ARV for a scrap value of £2750, 3 years ago (£60 / ton). It had been outsite, however had 36 miles since base overhaul. I have run the winch for loading, however no go on the main engine due to lack of spark. Also an Cent BARV from Withams at tender for £4,600 last year, does turn over however carb linkage siezed. I was quoted £200 a tonne for weighbridge weight 3 months ago, puts the ARV at £9k and t
  7. Good Morning Clive


    Am just collecting final numbers for next week .looks like they will be in excess of 40!! Hope the weather will be good!


    I will contact Mike early next week and let him know who's coming. Have spoken to Eddie and he hasn't got a date from Terry. I suggested doing something there next year for our week end away and he thought that would be ok, so we just need to foat the idea past Terry. Perhaps we could do that next Friday if opportunity arrises?


    Hope you are all ok and have a good time at Damyns Hall

  8. Went ahead a bought the Humber ! Yes she is well filled with filler and showers rust when going over a bump ! A novel approach to the sill repair with expanding foam ! She did perform without any problems on the test drive, 249 miles (Flint to Ipswich) and 25 gallons of petrol. A very good ride averaging 47/48 mph, in-all 9 uneventfull hours. The re-fuelling was a little challenging as one tank was out of commisson and the other just flowed out of the top !! Should still look gook alongside the mk1 and sqirt tho'. Dave, I will have to talk to Phil and re-assure him that "to
  9. Hi all Does anyone know this vehicle ? Is is solid (may be too much to hope !!) Assuming from the picture's she has been cut down for use as a recovery vehicle post military service. Regards Clive
  10. Dave The Rapier has become an ornament ! I must get arround to rigging up the new fuel system Back to the 434, the hull number has also been removed, indicated by 4 broken welds ! Does anyone else know of any further identification markings on 434's Has it been published how many 434's were originally in service ? Regards Clive
  11. Hi all I have aquired another toy, an FV 434 from Marcus Glenn At lease this one runs ! I cannot find any data plate in the vehicle, where should it be ? The army reg numbers have been removed Is there a hull number marked on a 434 ? Any help apreciated. Picture attached Regards Clive
  12. Richard Great photo, maybe next time it could be a convoy of Saracens !! Regards Clive
  13. Hi Lindsey Good photo at the Garrison, was it a cold trip Home ! You can count on my vote on Thursday. Clive
  14. Thankyou all ! Ian, sorry it wasn't me at gun powder mills Tony B , the FH 70 came from Phil Benham and the Foden limber (project) locally. photos Will follow when the PC allows me !
  15. Hi Been collecting "projects" for around 7 years. My passion is for post war British vehicles, I live near Colchester, Essex, although I Keep most vehicles at work in Ipswich, Suffolk. Current running vehicles are :- Abbot FV433, Humber pig Mk1 and MK2 squirt, Saracen diesel prototype, FH70 howitzer, Bedford MJP, Bedford RL , Scammell Crusader, Austin Champ. and to many projects to list (or tell the wife about) but include a Tracked Rapier, Centurion ARV and BARV ! I am looking forward to participating in this forum.
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