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  1. Tootles

    DO 17 raising

    I suppose that if previous generations had thought this way, then there would be no Norman Castles, nor a Hadrian's Wall, or even many of the 16th century country houses we hold today as our precious birthright. That aircraft alone is probably worth a couple of castles. I went some years ago to see the remains of the very last Blackburn Skua, rescued from a Norwegian Fiord, fantastic. Much better, I think, to spend the cash on a project like that, then give it away to nuclear powers as so called 'foreign aid'??
  2. Tell you what its about Bob, something to do with fitting a solid bit of my past to my present. I know it seems stupid, but somehow it means a lot. Many years ago, I had a Morris MRA1, used to show it with Tony Hayter and the North West MVT. One day, an old chap came up, looked over the truck, and burst into tears. It had been 'his' when it was a Murex Welder, drove it all over BAOR with REME. He later sent me a picture of him standing next to it. Something of that stuck inside me. I just want a 'now' photo of me stood by the front wing of that bl**dy tank!!:red:
  3. Yes, and here's the piccy to prove it! Taken at handover, (our Centurions had just been dry-clad).
  4. No, but in April I am going to be re-united with the very first Chieftain I signed for!! 04EB68. Its on Otterburn Range. Its odd really. Just dug out my old troop notebook. We only knew them by their last two numbers, and so, my very first Ferret was '' '' 64. The others were '' '' 16, '' '' 10, and '' '' 83. No idea now what the other letters were, but perhaps someone more in tune can illuminate?? :kiss::kiss:
  5. No, it was never adopted........The idea came from a couple of Republican guys, who had adapted a Moggy Minor van to take a catapult. They fired nail bombs with it. And so, the wizards of the MOD had a bulb light up in their heads......a repo Lanny would make a very interesting show stopper!!
  6. Ha Ha!! well, it never really 'took off'......................... The guy in the back looks a bit apprehensive.
  7. couple more for you: Sorry about the condition of them, they haven't travelled well over the years.
  8. 15BK45 was, at the time, on the strength of 156 Inkerman Battery, 94 Locating Regiment, RA. The photo was taken on the morning of the first 'official' British Army Fatality in Northern Ireland, when Gunner Curtis was shot and fatally wounded.
  9. Just as a footnote to the Chieftain photos, this is 04EB68 in service, BAOR, 1969. Just issued!!:cheesy:
  10. Lastly, our 'home' for many tours of Belfast, Flax Street Mill, just off the Crumlin Road, now being converted to flats. I can only remember all those killed in this location, and wonder now if it was really worth the sacrifice.:-(:-( Hope you vehicle and uniform buffs find some interest in the pictures. Dave.
  11. Regimental Command Saracen, Gosford Castle, 1971
  12. Gosford Castle, South Armagh, summer 1971. This is the way we dried our kit! Hand throttle wound up, combat legs tied, and the hot air does the rest!
  13. Next, Raglan Street, Belfast, (now long gone, thank God), during a bad riot February 1971. Thats me hanging out of the turret, getting info from some Gunner types!
  14. This photo is of 2nd Troop again, taken at the junction of Crumlin Road/Woodvale December 1970, during a riot.
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