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  1. Hi Tony, Good to hear from someone actually involved in it all. Would you be one of the "independent researchers" that the petition mentions, the ones that the MOD, in their infinite wisdom, won't talk to? Also, as I understand it from reading Andy Saunders' book "Finding The Few", Mark Kirby was shown the exact crash spot, which is currently under a concrete floor, by an eye-witness (long since passed, sadly). This spot seems to be some distance away from the current edge of the wharf. Are you guys generally in agreement, or at odds with one another? Good news on the petition front, the
  2. Hi all, Can you take a moment to check out this website for an online petition to ask the MOD to grant a licence in order to make another attempt at recovering the human remains of Flight Sergeant Eric Williams and his Hurricane before the site is redeveloped and disappears under a block of flats. http://www.bbobh.org There's also a Facebook page at ... https://www.facebook.com/BBOBH?fref=ts They've made two attempts so far and dug in the wrong place each time. If they could be persuaded to talk to some independent researchers who have eye-witness information, they might have bet
  3. Found this photograph of what I THINK is a war-booty Mercedes-Benz 540K. It's very similar to the "Blue Goose", the 540K used by Goering and subsequently liberated by the US Army. From what I've found on google so far, there were a couple of these things used by other top-ranking Germans, notably Ribbentrop and Huhnlein. I don't think this is THE Blue Goose, and I don't think it's Ribbentrop's, that's still around and looks trimmed differently. Anyone got any more info, comment on the uniforms etc etc??
  4. Gordon, I did check out the Cushman. An American attempt at making a para-bike, along the lines of the British-made Welbike. Great little bike by all accounts, although they did have a few problems landing the thing safely after throwing it out of a 'plane! Thanks for the info on the truck, I wouldn't have had a clue about that. Cheers!
  5. Gary, I think you've nailed it with the Zundapp forks and Me109 tailwheels. Not convinced about the tank, but considering the angle iron frame and the fact it's still got the mounts on the bars for the brake and clutch, I'm now convinced it's just a toy knocked up in the workshop. Many thanks, Mellie
  6. Can anyone shed any light on the bike in this photo? It looks to me like it's knocked up from parts liberated from a scrapyard. The tank looks like it might be M20/16H etc, the wheels possibly from the tail of a fighter aircraft? The photo dates from 1946, the rider is 1495747 Cpl Simon, attached to 6007 ACSU, BAFO, stationed in Celle, Germany. He had access to a large workshop, with a huge scrapyard full of tanks, aircraft and trucks. Can anyone confirm or deny this was just a toy knocked up in the workshops to pootle around the base on?
  7. Thanks for all the advice and support. I really like the G3L, lovely looking bikes (ALL Matchless bikes are lovely in my eyes), but I dismissed that idea 'cos I want girders. Robert - the TRW - again a lovely looking bike ( my bruv had one for a while) but it's not WW2. I'm actually fairly committed to the idea of a 16H, but having said that, I haven't tried one for size yet. I did read somewhere they're very uncomfortable for tall people (like me). Any long- legged 16H riders out there?
  8. Just a few words to say hi and all that, my name's Steve but I've been known as Mellie for the last 25 years by just about everybody except the landlord down my local pub who just flatly refuses to call me Mellie. I've been a petrolhead since my year dot, built / modified loads of stuff over the years, but this is my first dip into military stuff. That kicked off last year when a mate of mine bought a shed of a WC52. It needed a fair amount of welding and I happen to be a fairly handy welder so got roped in. The restoration's coming along nicely. My main interest though is motorcycles, and
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