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  1. Alas up for sale is my cherished Ferret.....Restored in last 4yrs.reconditioned gearbox fitted,brake master cylinder stainless steel lined. Jolley electronic ignition fitted.Carb totally stripped and rebuilt with new diaphragms. Fuel pump rebuilt with new diaphragms. starts first time runs nice..brakes good. No leaks to fluid flywheel.hand built imitation browning..see photo. Repro Sten. Genuine MG tripod + T/E + pintle. Comes with all the gear you can see in photos.clansman ANR intercom(two headsets)spare periscopes for driver and commander in internal stowage boxes.nine repro Mills g
  2. Hi Matt. Yes the blue Hylomar worked...havn't had any more petrol in my oil...i now check my levels reularly....and sniff the dipstick for petrol fumes (not nesessary i know ......but i enjoy it..lol)...hope this helps. Keith Hembley Ferret MK2/3 03 CC 29
  3. Hi If it's any help my Ferret MK2/3 Mil reg is 03 CC 29 and its hull number is 2157.9.59 regards Keith H
  4. Hi Matt If its any help my Ferret MK 2/3 03 CC 29 was according to its history card s/o and sold to Withams on 25/8/93 Regards Keith H
  5. Hi all ..thanks for the useful info....sunday i removed the fuel pump..it can be done without removing the tank...only had to remove the nearside battery box and the nearside engine mount...its a tight squeeze but can be done. ( i bin listening to the guys on ferret heaven saying it can only be done by removing the petrol tank!!)..anyway i digress...back to the plot...checked the diaphrams (all three of them).....no splits,tears,pin holes.....good as the day i fitted them(three months approx).I have re read the overhaul manual for the pump...it mentions using a glue(seccotine)on the fibre wash
  6. Hi all came to start ferret today.large patch of oil on floor at rear end..investigated....petrol in oil.....sump filled to overful....with petrol oil mix......oil pressure relief valve must have operated..question is is there any way this can happen apart from the fuel pump diaphrams splitting....i replaced the diaphrams 3 months ago with a NOS kit from Bannisters....took pump off today....diaphrams are intact....got me stumped...any ideas how the fuel came to fill the oil tank?
  7. Thanks for the reply....i'll do some investigating along these lines and will share any info i get....cheers Keith Ferret MK2/3 03 CC 29
  8. Hello all can any one advise me if it is possible to get an original C02 extinguisher bottle replaced/refilled for Ferret. I know the original bottle has a metal disc fitted that is pierced when the fire fighting handle(s) pulled....I have a standard 7Lbs C02 extinguisher fitted at the moment...i would like to fit original equiptment if poss...cheers in advance. Keith Hembley Ferret MK2/3 03 CC 29
  9. Hi my temp probe was open circuit....i cut open the brass tube and found a wire broken inside...i resoldered the wire to the terminal....soldered the outer brass tube in place....havnt had any trouble since..takes bout 20 mins to do...hope this helps..Ps i have a spare probe ..i could do some resistance test at various temps if it would help regards Keith Ferret MK2/3 03 CC 29
  10. Another aspect if your Ferret is manufactured before 1960 you will void your MOT exempt status...Form 112G section 30 states... Motor vehicles first used before 1st January 1960, used unladen and not drawing a laden trailer hope this helps...Keith Ferret MK2/3 03 CC29
  11. Good point...just because my batts are new doesnt mean they havnt gone faulty...will check them individually...hmmm now where did i put that warranty card!! thanks for your input...Keith. Feret MK2/3 03 CC 29
  12. Looks like a neat bit of gear...will invest in one....cheers for the info...Keith
  13. Cheers Barry...i will check the batteries...Wont be the intercom or the interior lights left on as i have incorporated a battery isolator switch in one of the battery boxes.May be the Ferret isnt charging as i have had all the wiring out for a major restoration inside...i'll check to see if i'am getting the correct voltage input when the motor is revving and the alternator is putting out a good charge...cheers ...Keith Ferret MK2/3 0C 33 29
  14. Thanks to you and Tony B for the info....i'm off to Maiden Newton at war w/e so wont be able to check till next w/e......hope its not the Batteries...as i have installed two brand new huge Varta batts....i hope its not the ring gear....here's hoping its just a sticking starter motor...neat tip for checking the ring gear..i'll do just that..cheers Keith
  15. Hi All...I have a prob with my starter motor...ever other start or so there is loud vibrating noise coming from starter motor area and engine will not turn over....after a few trys it starts...full speed cranks over...engine starts almost instant....only started doing this this last w/e...at the Weymouth Vets parade...most awkward.....but started ok eventually....any ideas?...i have a spare starter motor.been sitting around for a few years...looks like new inside..no brush/commutator wear...what needs doing to it to maintain it ...i.e lubrication before fitting....any help most appreciated...K
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