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Found 13 results

  1. I've got an original Alvis sales brochure for the Scorpion CVRT. Will offer on here first before list it on eBay. Open to offers, buyers pays postage.
  2. Hi I’m having a problem stopping oil leaking from the joints on the steering and main brake pipes where they pass through the bottom bulkhead into the gearbox area. what type of flare should I put on the pipe and is there anything special or difficult about this joint? many thanks Richard
  3. Greeting all, I'm trying to work out all the different variations of optics used on the CVRT series, partly out of curiosity and partly to fill some holes in the turret and hull. No42: Cupola periscope, any breakdown on MK# vs. application/year? No43: No44: Drivers Periscope, any breakdown on MK# vs. application/year? No48: No52: Gunners day sight for Scimitar/Sabre. Would it also fit a Scorpion? (obviously the ranging and such would be off but if I'm not shooting anybody and just want to fill the hole) No. 54 - Gunners day sight, suitable for Scorpion No. 62 - Commanders sight for Spartan and Striker No. 68, 71 & 75, Commanders day sights for Scorpion, Scimitar & Sabre. How are these different? What # are the hull-side blocks on a Spartan? thanks, P_
  4. At Tanks Trucks & Firepower Show 2014 Something went wrong...
  5. CVRT Scorpion Jump & Explosion - Slow Motion - At Tanks Trucks & Firepower Show 2014 Something went wrong...
  6. Tanks Trucks and Firepower 2014 Something went wrong...
  7. Hi my name is Al Hale and I reside in Vernon, B.C. Canada. I recently sold my business I started from ground up which was waste management. I also am a heavy duty mechanic and enjoy it as a hobby and am fascinated with military vehicles . I am currently looking for a CVRT Scorpion Sabre light tank to restore . I am looking forward to meeting new people and friends with similar interests, Al.
  8. The Stallion was the prototype for the Stormer based Shielder. A small number were built and sent to the Gulf in 1991. At least 3 survive. Something went wrong...
  9. Andy Bakers CVRT Scorpion 08FD18 - MBD482K. At speed, slow motion and doing a neutral turn. Listen out for the ladies screaming when they go over the Hump ! Something went wrong...
  10. While working on our Sabre last night, I suddenly realised that I was unaware that our Sabre has extra protection under the hull for the driver and turret areas. As we dont have a Scimitar or Scorpion I can't compare them. I know our Spartans don't have it. Was this an upgrade when the vehicle was re roled into a Sabre? Regards R
  11. Hello I few months ago I bought a brochure from ebay entitled "Jaguar Military Products" It's only 6 pages but describes Jaguar's manufacturing facilities, the ferret and the J60 engine and associated pre-select transmissions. Anyway, for those interested in CVRT's it has a photo of a line up of the following: 02GE37 04FF69 02FD06 05FD68 02FD98 04FF20 00GH56 Chris, have you got any of these? :-) It also has a drawing of a stonefield etc. I'm sure another copy of the brocure will come up on ebay if you are interested. Cheers Matt
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