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  1. Congratulations!!! :yay:
  2. Thanks everybody for the warm welcome back greetings! So about the dancing girls, are they still missing? :dancinggirls:
  3. Just wanted to say hi and apologize for not being active anymore. Joining HMVF was what made me go on my epic online WWII journey but for the past 2 years I've lacked the time to be active here. I will be back here on a regular basis, I promise!
  4. We received the following request, does anybody here have a WWI ambulance and is willing to help? At the moment I have no more info then this: Let me know if you are interested!
  5. Welcome!!! Hope the weather is good where you are now
  6. We are looking for someone who can help us run the HMVF Facebook page. We currently have over 600 likes but should be able to grow it into the 1000s and grow HMVF with new traffic too! Things to do: - Post interesting threads - Post HMVF pictures with links to HMVF - Interact / engage with the fans Who would be interested? 1 or 2 should do the trick!
  7. Yeah rather busy at the moment and totally neglecting HMVF, sorry about that chaps! I will look into the notifications, should be a good function!
  8. Looks like a great restoration but we kinda expect that from you now
  9. Thanks chaps!! Beers are on Jack, in the Clubhouse bar!
  10. :dancinggirls:Sorry about the delay, the menu issue has now been resolved.
  11. As an afterthought: From now on you cannot create new threads in the "old" classifieds forum but you can still reply to current threads. New ads can be posted using the new system.
  12. Still working on that, it should work okay but it doesn't....
  13. Uploading pictures should now work again.
  14. Joris

    Font colour

    I will look at it!
  15. Sounds like a problem on your pc to me, the forum should not be able to lock up your pc.
  16. Love this thread, keep the pictures coming!! :tup::
  17. Jack, bring your pink cushion!! :angel:
  18. I've been looking forward to this thread, glad to see it's here!! Unfortunatly I won't be able to come, my holiday plans interfere... :cry:
  19. Thanks everybody!! Had a mostly computerless weekend :computerrage: which was great!
  20. Looks great, Clive!! :tup:: High on my list too, a GMC...
  21. Yesterday morning Microsoft's Search Engine Bing was indexing HMVF, they did it in a rather silly way as they completely swamped the server with request. This caused the server to overload necessitating some fixing and eventually a reboot. After that, normality was restored. The odd text colors surprise me, can you try to reload HMVF by pressing the CTRL and F5 keys simultaneously? That would force your browser to reload the site entirely and not use the local cache on your pc.
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