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    nurse practitioner
  1. I think the unit cost is just under£2.of the £25 it will cost to buy a poppy £8 is being divided between six charities.That leaves...........a lot.
  2. I bought my repro summer tank suit from Solomon Adler.A czech fellow.I have had them for a few years now and they are giving stirling service.A very good copy and built for those who are not of the racing snake physique
  3. Blimey!How muddy was it today.The Tank Museums Canadian Cougar needed a tow!let alone loads of other vehicles.Lucky my feet have a low torque setting.
  4. well it was a bit overcast for sun kissed Dorset so that might count.
  5. yesterday I spotted a Jack Beckett in South Street!
  6. Dorchester on the sunday morning at the market place.Always a few militaria dealers there
  7. O.k,I own up.Ihave just eaten a flapjack and taken the Dingo out for a drive. Was that just a trip on the wild side?
  8. Oh and I was a milk monitor at school and had a paper round which took in Dorchester Prison.
  9. I'm an emergency nurse practitioner.So repairing a lot of tatty bodywork really!
  10. Just don't go anywhere near replicators.If you are desperate for kit then give me large amounts of cash and then get the local nursery school to knock up some uniform.The effect is the same.........except that I'M happy with the cash.
  11. Well,I have heard it said that LLoyd George knew My Father..............
  12. Well,thanks one and all for the advice.I do appreciate it.Head goes on today.I will keep you informed, Pete
  13. you all due for shed loads of fun...........and just a few headaches.Enjoy
  14. Hello, Please could anyone tell me the torque setting for a Daimler Dingo cylinder head? Many thanks Pete
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