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  1. Has anyone got a Willys MB engine for sale please. Andrew@honychurch.com
  2. Looking Good Ron. I can take it off your hands if you have outgrown it Look nice next to the G3WO
  3. I think he was in Burma from 1944 to 46. But during that time in other Far East Countries also
  4. I shall keep an eye open for a period colour photo of an RAF vehicle in Blue/grey. You may be correct, that they don't exist. but Dad who has only recently succumbed to his old age affecting his cognitive abilities has always maintained that RAF vehicles were generally blue! He was also in Burma I think with 152 Squadron where he was a ground Engineer on Spits, Thunderbolts and Mozzies from memory. Here he is in an almost famous photo as I have seen it several times on the net. He is kneeling down and holding the tail legs. Robert ( Bob ) Honychurch bought his first Jeep in 1951 whic
  5. Hi Larry and thanks for the reply. Firstly let me say I was aware of the debate and no doubt very accurate analysis of RAF vehicle paint during WW2, all of which makes perfect sense to me. I already have a Green Jeep and dont mind about whether its accurate or not. Secondly and perhaps a bit more controversially my father was in the RAF during the second world war and was seconded to water proofing vehicles ahead of D Day at RAF Little Rissington. After this he was sent to the Far East and used to offer to drive his CO in his Jeep when the CO was going on a mission. My father reca
  6. AmphibAndy

    RAF Blue

    Does anyone recognise this rather nice Jeep? I am trying to find out who supplied the colour as its a rather nice rendition of RAF Blue. If anyone can help me find out i would be very grateful thank Andrew
  7. I am open to sensible offers but I don’t want it to be broken for spares or converted into an ambulance or something. It’s also a rare thing and I don’t know where you find another project now.
  8. well there you go Robert. The photo should complete their request. Hope all good Andrew ( Honychurch )
  9. With thanks to David Gordon, author of Weapons of the WW2 Tommy, and ex owner of a T16, he has kindly provided this photo of his kit including the correct folding saw. Interesting as it made me realise I have one of these somewhere that came with a Dingo I bought a few years ago. Hope this helps
  10. Thanks Nick. I have one of these on my M20, I had forgotten about them to be honest. I shall read up on it now. Good thinking!
  11. Indeed you are correct Adrian! I have just discovered that. I have a friend in the US who may have a photo, and have asked him to either send to me or else post here.
  12. Hi Robert, I do have a parts book and should have the illustration in that or the TM. can you let me have an e mail and I will try to scan this later if its there. I am however, intrigued why the museum specifically wants pictures of a T16 folding saw!
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