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  1. Thank you . I will take a look at that now.
  2. That is fantastic and since posting I had come up with those exact colour myself, although not the yellow as I am unsure of what that denotes. Can you explain please? In addition , did you spray these or are they brushed, they look exceptional , well done. and thanks for the help Andrew
  3. Thank you for this. Not sure I have ever seen Half Track with Roundels, but there is a first time !
  4. Just looking at the photo, we know the colour of khaki short, khaki webbing straps and even the steering wheel which is khaki. Oh and the seat. The colour of the Jeep looks nothing like any of those!
  5. thank you everyone for the replies and leads on colours. I shall do some research on those now and report back. Much appreciate the help. And Richard I shall call you in the next couple of weeks and have a test drive over to see you. cheers Andrew Oh and this is my Dad in his COs Jeep in Burma, which he categorically confirmed was RAF Blue/Grey ( contentious) he was there from late 43 to 46 .
  6. Resurrecting my old thread , after starting on the restoration of our second Jeep I got side tracked by quite a few other machines! Ah well, its almost done now and looks resplendent in its RAF Blue Grey. My Dad passed away back in December of last year , aged 96 , but I know he is looking down in full approval of it being in this colour. Here he is driving the COs Jeep in Burma, and here is his Willys MB about to launch onto the scene albeit later than first hoped!
  7. Can any kind soul help me with the RAL Colour codes for the RAF Roundels please? I also assume that they were in gloss? many thanks Andrew
  8. Its time for a change . I have owned this T16 since 1980! Fully restored , correctly, and in great detail in 2012. Driven over 30 miles on the road to War and Peace and has been at Combined Ops several times , winning best Tracked Armour in 2019. I stripped this to the hull, replacing all the poor steel above the tracks, and totally rebuilt the engine gearbox, bogies ( all new seals and bearing NOS) and wiring loom from the States. The often missing or incorrectly made tool boxes were remanufactured to exacting details even including the correct lift over catches, sourced from the US. This really is a museum quality vehicle that is guaranteed to start every time and put a very big smile on your face. The T16 was the result of a challenge to Ford USA from the War Office to produce a Carrier and improve on that designed by their colleagues in Canada. The brake band steering is a far superior design to the early warp steering and the more powerful Mercury 100HP engine ensures the T16 really can perform as you would expect. Serious enquiries to andrew.honychurch@gmail.com C7DA9DB9-5B14-4FA6-BEE0-EF24D8DEEE55.mov
  9. https://www.easyliveauction.com/catalogue/48270ccbfeff26257af48ab0ab85875c/0af8d24542e81eb9357e7ef448a6646f/2-day-sale-2-day-sale-70-vintage-classic-and-later-tracto/?currentPage=15
  10. I am selling a couple of Ford Flathead V8s from my Dads estate tomorrow at Auction. HJ Pughs of Ledbury. Lot number 1043. I do hope they find a future life in an MV. Dad used to build Bren Carriers at Sentinel Works in Shrewsbury in the early part of the war , hence his love of the engine.
  11. I have the sad task of clearing my Dads collection of WW2 artefacts and I have come across this tow hitch. I think its an airborne trailer tow hitch assembly with an incorrect eye welded on the front. Can anyone confirm I am correct please? I would like to make sure it survives to live another day. B13BCB93-1A7D-4980-B50D-5F2E9B41BF2B.heic DDD4BABD-2CA7-4DC8-91BF-9E714E90AB61.heic
  12. Has anyone got a Willys MB engine for sale please. Andrew@honychurch.com
  13. Looking Good Ron. I can take it off your hands if you have outgrown it Look nice next to the G3WO
  14. I think he was in Burma from 1944 to 46. But during that time in other Far East Countries also
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