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  1. I am lucky enough to have worked with some of the people that made this film.. The costume designer worked on the pacific and and another film i hired my jeep to, he actually had an on camera part as the chaplain in hill 60... I really enjoyed the film and have watched it a couple of times
  2. On some of our race bikes we have actually polished the inside of the engine cases and covers to make the oil circulate more quickly, and dissipate the heat easily I have never seen the inside of a motor cycle engine painted Tim
  3. Hi Guys Do a search on google for Pheniox Paint ball in Rawson Australia, and or operation D-Day at Pheniox paintball ... Stuart M3 light tabk, Bren Carrier and Halftrack with lots of back ground noise as well Tim
  4. Aircraft photos would be most welcome.. Great shoots, a mate ownes a Tiger Moth .. Im owed a ride :-) Tim Scriven
  5. I think that it could be a windscreen to fit into a Stuart Tank, they were used when the vehicles were being driven longer distances, not in combat zones. Greater visibility and not as cold. Tim
  6. Hi Rob The main items that I am looking for are the sight bracket,( I have the 'horse shoe' mount that goes over the barrel) , the part of the trigger mechanism that runs from the breech forward to where the barrel pivots, the elbow?? guard, the two clamps that hold the front arms in the folded up position and the leather tool box to mount on the top of the ready use ammo box. I can forward photo's of the gun as it is if that helps. Any parts help and info would be great Tim
  7. Hi everyone I don't suppose there were any 2 Pounders in there as well?? Always looking for parts, especially Sight brackets, ah well can only keep trying. A very nice restoration. Tim
  8. Hi Guys Some of the tanks are still there, but the owner can be difficult so on the right day you might get lucky, but I believe that you need an introduction to do any good. Tim
  9. Hi Everyone I have just done my first post, and here is some information. I am from Kerang, Victoria in Australia, I have had an interest in Military Vehicles since primary school when my father a WW11 veteran,and I found a wrecked Jeep, many years latter we sold it and found another far more complete machine. For a few years I raced off road motorcycles, so that consumed most of my time and budget, when I retired from racing the time and budget was available and the military vehicle bug came back. If you have the time have a look at www.timstankworld.com that will show you most of t
  10. Hi Guys I have one in Australia, had it out with my other vehicles on the weekend. Started 3rd kick Tim
  11. Hi Guys I have been lucky enough to have a flight in a twin seater Mustang, actually got to have some hands on the stick for a little while. Also have been up in a Tiger Moth. The Mustang was incredible Tim Scriven
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