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  1. thanks guys...I'll note that with the photo on the archive
  2. Amen to that....I've got absolutely loads.....will post more
  3. a nice photo of my dad (Capt.Bauer RAMC) in front of an (Austin?) ambulance that he had just decorated sometime in '42 or '43. He was a talented artist - as can be seen in the picture. I particularly like the one top right! !
  4. The same as that..steel body and wood slats - and wood on the floor of the bed.
  5. I won't take her out much in winter - the open top is the way I like it but I take your point. This is my first WW2 vehicle and I flipping love it. Every night I go to the shed and just sniff the oily air. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but she's just jealous of my 'other woman'...
  6. ......just finished stripping down and re-assembling VSL424 - a hard grind over winter in a freezing cold shed. These are the joys of owning these great vehicles. I would love to get in touch with previous owner(s) though, to get some background on her. Please, can anybody help regards to everyone......Gerard Bauer
  7. hope to see you. Have a great year all the best Gerard Bauer
  8. J Malan Heslop a selection of photos from a great archive showing some interesting details
  9. astonishing that I have learnt so much from the start of this thread. i don't blame you reproducing Photo 30 - it makes a great subject. It was my first choice for marking my WC. (Another of Eddie Urban)? Pictured in front from left to right are: Walt MacDonald and Eddie Urban ( Eddie was a movie man). In the middle is Gene Coogan; at the right is J Malan Heslop; behind from left to right are Arnold Samuelson and John O'Brien. If you ever need correct props, cameras (working or prop)and photo equipment and spares, I have the lot especially Graflex and will always help the genuine Signal Corps and War correspondent enthusiast. (google "ikonta bloke") Hope to see you out there in your lovely WC news flash! J Malan Heslop archive is at Brigham Young University Website. 80 pages of stunning photos. All of his output digitised. Enjoy
  10. Photo 30 was well covered...... thanks for these. Have you more on yours in detail... cheers Are you camera crazies too........?
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