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With the rain stopping for a short time, I had the chance to cut the grass yesterday and had to move the M20 so a good opportunity to get a few pics,  I don't know if anyone seen this on ebay a few months back, I was surprised it never sold as it was a very good price but never met the reserve, as I was the highest bidder I contacted the seller, I said I would call him back but I'd left it too long and he had sold it to someone else, such is life but he kept my number just in case,  a few days later he phoned and said the buyer had dropped out and would I still be interested.......... 

It would of been nice to pick it up and get some OD paint on it before I went to Normandy but time wasn't on my side, so as soon as I got home from France I was on the road again to pick it up, Its got a 600 engine at present but have the original that was in the bike but not matching, plus some other bits that come with it, the owner had put a modern carb on but have original along with the tool box etc, only thing I've noticed is the oil tank hasn't the correct lid, rear seat is not correct, dynamo end cover missing no battery and no wiring loom ,  The rear section of mudguard has been replaced and has a Chassis plate, Contract No C 11101, although it doesn't relate to this bike I'd be willing to swap exchange etc if anyone has a S 1048 plate ?

It really is a solid bike, the original engine only requires a bottom end bearing, apart from that it just requires a paint job, Its unfortunate that I cant do anything at present, but thats another story... The tax disc is a copy of the original, also have a copy of the key card with the bikes details, at the bottom of the page its got HMVF so come from this forum somewhere ? Not the last owner but the previous was gearing up to get it back to Mil spec, as it come with the transfers for the tank census number and division etc. I cant say I was needing another bike but it was too good to pass on....... 










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Looks like a sound bike and straight forward restoration Duke! I turned my own WM20 into a 600cc. It certainly accelerates better and really donks up hills. If you want to use its original WM20 crankcase? You can simply use the crankshaft assembly and barrel off your 600 engine. You can up gear them to 20 or 21 Tooth engine sprocket for better touring speeds ( I tried a 21T but dropped it down to a 20T for my type of needs)

The plug in the timing cover is a Godsend, but should be ally! The brass one is for the chaincase (same thread) And heads up on the float bowl if you're bothered about acquiring the original type fuel pipe?  The fitting at the bottom was a banjo type, not a spigot type. Ron

M20 005.jpg

M20 484.jpg

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Thanks Ron, 

Be a while till it gets any TLC, but like you said it is a solid and straight forward restro, there is other bits which come with it, also the bottom of the pannier frames, on the subject it come with some Panniers, which are a leatherette with webbing straps, made by Midland which I guess are from the 50's 60's ? if anybody is looking for some.

Appreciate the info on the engine I may just do that, I was going to put the original back and keep the 600 for the M20 frame I have plus I've got the RAF contract rear section for a sidecar.......... but that would be many moons away. 

Sourced a WD/C petrol tank the other day, so can move the CO one on I bought last month......... or maybe wait for a tankless CO to come along !!!




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