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  1. I am after an ex military defender tailgate with the attachments still fitted for the pioneer tools, cash waiting ,shropshire area
  2. I’m sure the winch on my Bv206 is a Sepson but as I’m in lockdown and the vehicle is 40 miles away I can’t check sorry, if you do find any info I’m after solenoids for it!
  3. For those in isolation or at a loose end, might be worth a read through this as the dates are again relevant! Take care everybody!
  4. sorry always thought it was merrick! has anyone??
  5. Hi all, I'm after Steve Merrick's contact number (ferret and cvrt specialist from Telford) if anyone could pm me it please
  6. Blimey wished i hadn't said anything now!
  7. I was wondering how much 30 cals are fetching now as I have one that came with my ferret and to be honest it sits in the cupboard under stairs more times than it gets shown, old deact with certificate
  8. A Royal Navy medical officer who saved the lives of hundreds of British and Argentine troops during the Falklands War has died, aged 71. Working amid terrible conditions in the field, Surgeon Capt Rick Jolly, from Torpoint, Cornwall, saved the life of every British serviceman he treated. He was the only person to have been decorated by both Britain and Argentina for his service during the conflict. Falklands veteran Simon Weston called him an "incredible man". He said: "Without his organisational skills the surgeons and medics would never have functioned. I can only thank him for saving my life, and many others. "It's a tragedy for everyone who knew him and a tragedy especially for his family."
  9. Where is this place, if someone can pm me details I'll start digging to find out what's happening with the collection, worth saving!
  10. Hi all, it's been a while since I've been on here as life tends to get in the way of the hobby! Anyway I had a problem 2 years ago with my mk1/2 ferret and basically parked it under cover to wait its turn for me to look at it, well yesterday was that day, brought 2 new batteries for it ,popped them on and she fired up, all going well so far! Reversed her out all ok, went to drive her back in and as the ground is quite uneven and grassy I accelerated a tad more, she then just sat there spinning the front offside wheel and the was a lot of banging and crunching coming from the front drive shaft next to my left leg and this seemed also to be coming from the wheel as well! Now the original problem was I had taken her out for a drive when there was an almighty bang from that wheel with the same banging and crunching noise, as it was getting dark and we had no phone signal I slowly drove her home as I wasn't to far away. I was hoping that the handbrake on that side had stuck on then basically the shoe or shoe assembly has broken but I'm now thinking before I get the wheel off could this be a wheel station that has gone? I really hope it's not!!! Has anyone ever come across this before?
  11. I regret to announce that Roy williams the founder of the Powys and mid Wales military vehicle trust sadly passed away yesterday from a brain haemorrhage, he emigrated some time ago to Canada but was well remembered by people due to his fantastic displays that he put on. Members of the Oswestry military vehicle club (formerly Powys and mid Wales mvt) send our sincere condolences to his wife Ann Williams.
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