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  1. That would have been perfection if the number plates matched the one I found!
  2. But the draw bar looks different on the pratt trailers? shown on the web link.
  3. looks the type but it has a "t" refector on the rear? is that or was that common?
  4. just seen this for sale locally, is it ex military or am I going more nutty!!
  5. hello Yes i watched them too the hammer price was between 5000 and 6200. I also notice that there are three more Sultans up for auction at brightwells that started stright after the last four where sold!
  6. yes i agree better ones have gone for scrap! But there are final drives avalable from dealers, and if you are not in a rush parts turn up! Any idea what teh hammer prices have been - i note there are four sultans up for sale at the mo.
  7. I have noticed that Brighwells have been auctioning a load of CVRT's - all Flavours so to speak!, the one thing that they all have in comman is that they all appear to be missing there final drives and track. For the more expert owners out there is there a reason for this? and are the parts avalable (any idea of the cost) to fix them up again? Also any one got any idea of what the hammer price is or was? as i save them but they done seem to save so i can find out the final price! just getting itchy feet for the next project!
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