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  1. Brilliant! thank you. Just checked there website and it does say out of stock, but i will given them a call, thank you once again.
  2. problem - i will contact them and mention you! and hope the price dose not go up!!!!😁
  3. its a rotary type switch, i guess if i contact the dealers and say rotary type switch, no filterette they will know what i need!
  4. thank you for the reply. Where is the best place to get a new loom from in the uk?
  5. Hello all, Just starting to reserch a new wiring loom for my willys jeep. The filterette is confusing me, did all jeeps have them fitted? I understand what they where for, and I am unlikely to never need it. But when I purchase a new loom do they all come with needing the filterette as part of the loom? Please see pictures below of my jeep where I think it should fit! Also what is the best ot most recommended supplier for a new wiring loom??
  6. flipping heck that was quick - so not daf 4x4,bedford TM?
  7. Afternoon all, Had these kicking around the garage for a while, they came with a load of ex military bits I brought. I think they might be used and a layland daf 4 Tonner? But I might be totally wrong!! Any idea anyone??
  8. the shear head nuts are looing good, i can hopefully get into the ends with a dremmel to tidy them up a little after the shear head has sheared! i think we have found a solution!
  9. Hello, yes i understand they will tighten up when they cool, but i must ballance the practicality of bashing the rivits (and my inexperence of doing this) and the strength and simplicty of using the M10 button head screws and then fillingin the head later, which will result in the same look externally.
  10. thank you all for hte replys, i am not sure i will have the skill to form the rivit heads by hand with a hammer!. I am leaning towards using the M10 button head screws and then filling in the allen key hole with something, it will lok the same from the outside and be simplier to install!
  11. Just found out that they are; shaft is 3/8" diameter, and 3/4" long. Hammering them over would be so much easier! any one got any tips?
  12. Wow! what a comprehensive website! any idea of the size of the rivets in the rear corss member?
  13. ok There must be a UK supplier, they look excellent - i would be very intrested to hear what else anyone else has used?
  14. I see, i have seen the excellant looking "fake rivets" and i think that they are the way to go, your experence and descritption confirm my thoughts that they are the ones to use! If you are in the UK could i ask you what the total cost was by the time you go them imported? or..... does anyone know a UK supplier of the snap head rivets? thanks for the reply!
  15. Evening all! I will be replacing my rear crossmember on my willys Jeep at some point in the future, can i just ask about the rivits that i will need to replace please. I belive that there are seven in total and they are 3/8 inch size, but what depth? anyone got any good hints and tips? and is there a UK sorce for the "snap head" rivits that look a dam site easier to fit! thanks in advance.
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