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  1. I think the drive over the cambrai battlefield and the silence they observed was a much better idea than the Lincoln one. The council lost out, maybe they'll fund it next time they re asked.(if they ever are!!)
  2. Special 3/4 AF Spanner for 28 hp Bedford engine cylinder head bolts. Britool dated 1953. £25 + £5 p and p. Pay Pal preffered. Dave Whitehouse dwhitehouse1@sky.com
  3. I have a BSA M20, which I want to finish as a Post War example. It finished it's service with 124 Recovery Company REME at Newton Aycliffe in 1967. Does anyone out there know what Divisional Flashes it would have, if any. I don't know what Formation they were in in 67 or the number that would be on the REME flash.
  4. I don't think they are WMIKs. Just normal TUM(HS) stripped down. the kit you are asking about goes on top of the poles sitting on the bonnet and the Cam Net is spread over them.
  5. My last regular unit as you know Rick. I missed the show, but I ll try and get my M20 (BSA) there next year
  6. You ll have to go to Lynham to see it. Bordon is no more I m afraid. it closed last year.
  7. I was At 22 ERW from 1977 until1980 were you?
  8. I passed my HGV 2 test on a Barford dump truck at 22 Engr Regt in 1978. Cracking thing to drive. If you can drive one of them, everything else is easy. I don't remember anyone having a good thing to say about the Haulomatic when we got them.
  9. Are those the Bate's Diamond Ts from Cheltenham Rd Evesham?
  10. It would not be a unit MOD. That is a big no no in this day and age. The unit would get a Red on it's annual Equipment Care Inspection if ay vehicle was found with an illegal MOD. The good old days, when you modded your vehicle to make it more user friendly are long gone I have seen one 90 Wolf in service with this spare wheel layout though, so I'm guessing it's an official MOD.
  11. I might have one ln the garage, Zenith 36 IV if I remember rightly
  12. I have good memories of Mike and Carrie in the 70s, during my early days in the hobby. He was always happy to give advice. Unfortunately, my career in REME, prevented me from attending as many shows as I would have liked and I lost contact. Dave Whitehouse MVT (MVCG) number 322
  13. would that be me then Richard, or maybe there's more than one of us !!! Good days at Rushmoor. I think that where the photo is taken, or am I wrong?
  14. I seem to remember we had them with cabs on in Norway in the early 1980s
  15. I had puttees in 1976 during basic training, but we had 37 pattern webbing.
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