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  1. One for sale on e**y at the moment just search m35a2
  2. Everyone will have their own opinion of this film good or bad. I thought it was very good if you didn't over think it, but the best bit is that it has got everyone talking about Dunkirk and all involved.
  3. Cheers Adrian that's what I thought, I didn't really want to go down the 12 x 12 route due to the fact that they are too heavy to put up on your own, so it looks like I will have to look for something non military that will still not look too out of place at shows ( I'm not a fan of seeing bright coloured modern tents at military displays) Thanks for your reply
  4. I'm looking to buy a tent for using at shows, I was just wondering if you could fit 3 army camp beds in a 9x9 tent, or would I have to get a 12 x12. Thanks
  5. Looks good, welcome to the addiction !!!!
  6. flywheel

    M35 a2

    If you are on Facebook have a look at the M35a2 duece and a half page, you will find some helpfull people on there
  7. flywheel

    M35 a2

    Dot 5 is what your truck would have had in it when in service, but your truck may have dot 3 in it now, when Dot 5 is new it is usually purple in colour, unfortunately as it ages it tends to turn yellowish which is the same as dot 3 the two types should not be mixed. If you take some dot 5 and add it to some water in a jar and shake it will not mix with the water, but dot 3 will mix. For loads more info check out steelsoldiers.com You can also download all the technical manuals from there for free. Also there is a Facebook page called M35a2 deuce and a half which has lots of like minded people on it. Big mikes also sells a remote master cylinder reseviour which is a great investment, as you don't have to keep taking the top of your master cylinder to check your brakefluid level, you can mount it on the firewall or in the cab and easily check the level every time you run the truck. Don't forget to post some pictures.
  8. flywheel

    M35 a2

    You are right I had forgotten about them, they seem to have a lot of good looking 9 series trucks now
  9. flywheel

    M35 a2

    Hi. I get my parts from several suppliers, unfortunately most are in europe or the usa. You can Google them to get the Web addresses. Truck parts trading (netherlands) Reomie (netherlands) Us army military shop (germany) Big mikes motor pool (usa). Kublos surplus (usa) Eastern surplus (usa) Also of course you can try good old eBay. Hope this helps
  10. Great show despite the thunderstorm
  11. If that gun was to be fired on my drive I don't think there would be an unbroken window on my road, maybe the whole town !!!! :nut:
  12. I still like it, unfortunately it doesn't matter what size it is it still won't fit on my drive and I'm sure I would get complaints from my neighbours :-)
  13. Definitely Mr Bakers, saw it last year at Tanks Trucks and Firepower. I hope he has it running this year. The show is well worth the visit.
  14. I'm sure that I have seen this tank somewhere before, it would be great to see it running
  15. I use to visit the War and Peace show when it was at the Hop Farm and it was always rammed with vehicles on display, it is a shame that the new venue isn't working out so well. The last few years I have been going to Tanks Trucks and Firepower at Dunchurch, whilst not as big as w&p this show is very friendly and getting better every year.
  16. Hi. They have them for sale at http://www.truckpartstrading.nl in holland but very expensive. or you could try Marltrax in Norfolk if they are still trading, Also there is a guy on everybody's favorite aution site, called quincy2100 (I'm not sure but this may be the same guy from marltrax)who lists m35 kit for sale. Good luck with your search, Regards Mark
  17. One advertised on Milweb at the moment
  18. Thank you for the help, I will take all your comments on board
  19. Hi there, just a quick question about protecting a matt paint finish on vehicles. Is it safe to coat the surface of the paint with a light oil or something like wd 40 to help repel water and grime. I know that this will probably take away some of the matt effect, but any of your advice would be appreciated. Many thanks. Mark
  20. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.
  21. Best bet would be to get in touch with the Alvis fighting vehicle society I'm sure they have one that is road registered, Andy Baker would be the one to talk to. Hope this helps, mark
  22. I am in the U.S. at the moment and only had to show my card licence to hire my car, I have been here many times in the years since they introduced the card type licence and never had to show the paper counterpart.
  23. Many thanks for the info, may just have to look for a pre 1960 truck
  24. Has anyone managed to get a post 1960 M35 truck through an M.O.T ? and if so did it take a lot of modification, ie lights brakes e.t.c. or is there any way it can be M.O.T exempt, iv'e looked at the V112G form but I cannot find a category that it would fit into.
  25. flywheel

    Happy 2015

    Happy new year everyone
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