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  1. So....whos got the address for the home secretary ........and how do we start a government pertition thingy.... I am serious...... its time we stopped talkin about it and started to make our voices heard...... otherwise these people will not stop until our hobby is in tatters......
  2. Just read this.... http://uk.news.yahoo.com/pressass/20080105/tuk-pledge-to-outlaw-deactivated-guns-6323e80_1.html Will this government not stop. These knee jerk reactions are going to kill our hobby, and yet I cannot beleive it will have any affect on those scum that seem hell bent on killing each other. How are we going to stand up to this, or is our hobby doomed. :angry:
  3. I will be there in my Pinkie...... should be a couple of other pinkies turning up as well.....a gaggle of pinkies!!!!
  4. I doubt it, I have nothing to do with em, they just asked me to provide a 110 Pinkie!!!! :-D try putting some black tape across your eyes and saying u served with Andy in the SAS.......... might have a better chance! :dunno: U going then??
  5. Andy Mcnab will be giving a talk at the Bovington Tank Museum on 1st Nov. Entry is from 18:30, with the talk starting from 19:30. Tickets are £12 but only 300 are available..... If you go you will also see my Pinkie there, as it is to be placed within the museum for this event. :-D
  6. If you need someone to assist soldering in the Dash, give me a shout.....
  7. Yep, well as discussed me and the ole man are up for it........ as far as making it a weekender, up for that as well, tho I dont think the officials would take kindly to the pinkie going over seas...... :schocked:
  8. I will definatley be up for it again next year..... was a good crack this year, except for the walk to the toilet!!!
  9. sas pinkie

    Drive Past

    The show is getting smaller and smaller each year, but Tootall was right about the wenches, and their scafolding!!!!! :-D :-D :whistle:
  10. mmmmmm Mine is just the wrong side of legal :whistle:, but for you I will make an exception!! :-D ;-)
  11. As long as I can get the time off of work, I will be there with the Pinkie... could be on the Sussex convoy.... as long as you can keep up ;-)
  12. ha ya woos, real men drive without the windscreen!!! :whistle: ;-)
  13. We are going Thurs evening........ leaving about 4 ish so will mainly be sitting in the Rush hour traffic.!!! :shake: I do have to change my radiator tho as the pinkie doesnt seem to like this warm weather......
  14. I shall be there with the rest of the rable that is known as the Gulf War Society!! :-D
  15. Well this one doesnt have a key, the whole point is as a FV, it should be able to be started by anyone..... Is it possible to replace the lock in the middle with an insert? Cheers
  16. I need to identify this switch, it is the original ignition switch for my Pinkie, but doubt it is unique to this vehicle and would assume it is off another military vehicle, perhaps a CVRT or 432??? Do any of you guys recognise it, or even better have one?? http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c9/SAS1dinkie/keycloseup.jpg[/img]
  17. Well Grass hopper was privvy to us roughing it at Horndean :whistle:, only 2 12x12's 4 9x9,s, Heater, two fridges and number 5 cook set... :dunno: Come beltring we shall be using an 18 x 24, 6 12x12,s 8 9x9s, cookset number 5 Large gas fridge and oven, masses of 6 foot tables and benches, shower, heaters, full silver wear and table cloths for our mess meal, and this year for the first time our own Turdis shall be hired!!! We should have a field hospital and command post as well, if all goes to plan!!
  18. ahhh, that was you then Mr Connor in Ginges pavillion when me and a few of the lads gate crashed early hours of Sun morning!!!! :-D He didnt seem too impressed with the Warning Ginger alert ring tone!!! oops! :whistle: My thanks too all involved for making the show enjoyable, it was deffinatley up to your usual high standards, and enjoyed by all, well up until Sun morn. Just next time, sort out better weather!!! :roll: ;-)
  19. O what a good show...... shame about the weather tho... Great fun, great company, and even got to drive some dodgy forum members freshly restored mutt :-D :-D That was deffinately the high light of the show, and I am now just counting my pennies......... I WILL have it!!! O, that dodgy guy at the bar was called Samir, and he kept trying to sell me used carpets.... :whistle: :whistle:
  20. I suspect so, I would have thought that the average landie they insure is a few grand...... but I was caught unawarses and came up with a price that I would be happy with if it was nicked tomorrow, the only thing is I have no idea if this is any where near anyone elses idea of market value for it... :dunno: I will ring rr services 2morrow......so does the mvt not do valuations then?
  21. I am with Footman James, andf they want a valuation, otherwise they will only pay out market value........ what ever market value is for a Pinkie!! :dunno:
  22. mmmm could be good. Last year we had a a full on Seargents mess meal in our dinning tent, tablecloths, full silver and 3 course meal, which was all prepared on site..... now if we could match that!!!!! :-D :-o :-o
  23. Nope, that is for a BARE Pinkie........ I was three steps ahead of you on this :whistle:, but at that price....... If you want it you can have it..... :schocked:
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