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  1. Long story but this was built by someone who then lost interest due to a relationship break down and subsequently sold the vehicle on. He too has left the hobby. This is a replica I'm afraid.
  2. It was nice to finally meet you steve, and admire your lovely jeep.
  3. More info required! I live in 8th Airforce country (I think) and would love to come and meet and see these projects in the flesh that I have read so much about!
  4. If I come this year, can I NOT have the same "tucked out the way" spot as last year? I do appreciate the hard work that goes into organising these things, and I know it wasnt a conscious thing but from where I was sat it didnt work for two reasons. Everyone thought I was with EMLRA. With the areana on one side of me, and the car park infront of me, most of the public didnt realise that thier was another bit, beyond the car park. I had two freinds come to see me there, and both admitted that they hadnt seen me after walking round what they thought was the entire show. I had to go and ge
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