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  1. So whats the difference between C1 and C? I know the obvious that C1 is only up to 7.5 Tonne, but is the test any harder, more expensive ect. I was just thinking that if I am going to do some lessons and a test, why limit myself to C1 if it is a similar test to a C?
  2. Your right... some thinking and saving of funds may be required. Thing is, like you I do like the look of the RB44, and the reletive ease of living with a HGV that is sort of ecenomical and sort of fast, and small enough to tuck away in a barn...... I think the next step is to find one with a radio body on and ask for a look inside at the next show (overlord, hope there is one there). I guess to do the Class C1, I first have to do a theroy test and one of those new fangled reactions test..... Do I also need to get a medical as well? So many things to consider.......;
  3. Cheers for that....... It is in direct contrast to what the fella was "telling" me over the weekend, good to see it in writting. I assume as its plated by the manufacturer as MAM, I couldnt get it lowered as a camper. After all dont they actually weigh more like 3 Tonne? What is involved with a Cat C1? Is it worth it, IE all my other questions regarding the suitability of an RB 44 as a camper?
  4. Well My girlfreind is starting to tire of camping at shows and started mooting words like "caravan"...... makes me cringe just typing the word....lol I was wondering with the new onset of RB 44's, would one with a radio body on make a good camper conversion? I have one of these new fangled liscences, but heard that if I fix the body to the vehicle in a permanent manor then I could register an HGV as a camper and drive it on my existing rubbish liscence. I like the DAF's but they seem rather large for getting storage for, so wondered on the RB44. What are they like on deisel? Can you stand in the back radio body? How easy to work on and get spares for? Is there going to be enough room in the radio body to make a 2 berth camper, with bathroom from? All just ideas at the moment, but I do enjoy my lass coming with me, so thought I better explore all possible options to keep her happy....
  5. I am going..... Will be in my 110 wolf instead of the WMIK this year though....
  6. Yep, Snatch is an LT85, not LT95..... As phil says, 5 speed....
  7. Personally, with you being abroad, I would stick to the big boys, Try Blanchards. More expensive then most, but quick to reply and very helpful. Also , try John Craddocks. They have a breakers dept.
  8. Well there you go. The only RWMIK + I saw was deffiately on what looked like a wolf chassis, yet I have seen Snatch chassis' which are reinforced but are different to wolf chassis. I guess then that the snatch chassis was modified to accept wolf style bodies etc. What I can say with some degree of confidence then is that Wolf and Snatch chassis' started out in life being two different beasts, two ways to achieve the same thing, a stonger defender chassis. They may now have both morphed through developement into one in the same.
  9. there is no fibre glass in the bonnet, so I would say yes..... myth. I have also been told that the wheel was moved from the bonnet for H&S to stop issues from lifting all that wieght on the bonnet, and also as the ladies in the Army couldnt manage it. maybe they want to try lifting the wheel up on the side mount when they are a little under tall...... like me.....lol. The snatch chassis is completely different to the Wolf and WMIK chassis. the R-WMIK+ is built on the E-WMIK chassis (although there isnt much else from the E-WMIK that made it through though).
  10. WMIK came out in 1997. It is a kit fitted to the Wolf so has the spare wheel on the side as per the wolf. on the bonnet it has a basket to take the cam kit on the bonnet. The E - WIMK is the up armoured version. this came in around 2005 and included the cutting out of most of the floor, and being replaced with V shaped armour panels. The wheels were replaced with alloys and Bowman and ECM was formerly fitted. The R-WMIK+ is basically a new vehicle, shaing very little other than the chassis with the Wolf. it has a complete new drive chain, 2.8 engine, Auto box, New american Axles. The rear body has been widened, and the front roll cage and Gun post re designed. This came out last year. The wolf, and WMIK only have the spare wheel on the bonnet for transportation purposes. they shouldnt be used this way as there is a risk of the bonnet flex allowing the weight of the wheel to crush the fuel lines. Well thats what the manual says anyway.
  11. Hi Guys, I am after some modern British Radio Chatter for my display. Has anyone got any either MP3 or on a CD, or know where to get some? I have had a look round Youtube, but can only find American....... Cheers
  12. Your Land Rover if ex British MOD will be 12v, with a second 24v generator for the radio fit (if it is still in place), so no worries there. If the engine is 200tdi, then I would reccomend just bolting it up to the existing gearbox as previously stated, tdi autos are not that great. If its a 300tdi you have, then you will to either fit it to the existing gearbox, and frig the front end to fit, or get a R380 box, 300tdi floor panels, transmission cover, seatbase and front and back props. You will also need to move the gearbox mounts.
  13. Well there is a WW2 military Cross in amongst them, with no names or numbers, from what I can see anyway........ Any suggestions where I should be looking for those?
  14. Right chaps, people at work have been bringing in their father's medals ect to have a look at. some nice peices including a WW1 issued Military medal. My question though is this. One of the guys presented both his father's, and uncle's WW2 medals. Both sets were missing the engraved name and number round the edge. Is this right. Are these replica medals or the genuine items. I dont know enough about medals to know either way, but I always thought they were engraved with the recipriants name Ect. THe uncle's set, were presented to him whilst he was in a field hospital. Could this be the reason for one of the sets not being engraved?
  15. Well it turns out there was a complication with the release paperwork..... It turns out that the chap that signed it wasnt authorised to do so. This meant that despite the fact that the MOD were happy that the vehicle was released correctly and that I was the correct owner, owing to the wrong signiture I had to endure two weeks of wrangling to get a correctly signed document. The MOD had to re issue the release paperwork, which didnt come quickly. But...... I am indeed chuffed now as My now owns a brand spanking new P reg number plate. I am off tomorrow night to collect it off of my Parents drive (which they have been waiting for since Dec 23rd 2009 when it was delivered there) and drive it home for the very first time. Woo Hoo.....
  16. here you go, get back to the Barry about this kind offer and see if he dissapears into the wood work..... If (and I feel its a big IF) he is genuine he will have no problems with this..........
  17. Hi, Well the postcode does check out as being Bury and Bolton road..... but the phone number is a mobile which I personally would not trust. I personally would not be paying this man, his grasp of the english langauge mirrors those in the dodgy emails we get here from the African continent. Western Union offer no garantees and you make come very unstuck. I would personally want to see a photo at least of the said item from him, I would want a bank account in his name with which the money can be transfered and I would be very warey. Just my thoughts,
  18. he he he... you know its true. I got fed up with getting wet, and then the brain wave hit me..... to be fair, it was the idea of REME. I was on an exercise, and they were on the same training area. we drove past and I saw they had done exactly the same, only with a green tarp under cam net. "Bugger me" I thought, such a simple idea and yet I had never thought of doing it......
  19. Well nothing new to see..... But on Monday my wolf has just passed its MOT with no faults at all....Now all I have to do is try and get it registered.... Off to the DVLA office in Ipswich tomorrow afternoon..... Here's fingers crossed.
  20. I have been busy over the last couple of weekends..... Lots of things went wrong, and jobs that should of taken 20 mins or so, didnt. They ended up taking more like 3 -4 hours....... But... All my swearing, hammering and beating has finally paid off. After purchasing a new injector pump, and fitting it with another new timing belt, I now have a Wolf that goes. After replacing a brake line that runs the entire length of the vehicle I now have a Wolf that stops. After chasing those pesky electrical gremlins all day, I now have a Wolf with fully functioning lights and ancills...... It is very almost ready for an MOT. All I really need to do is repair and fit the back door, screw down the floor and finish a few of the last little trims. Well here it is.
  21. mmm looks like what I need to enable me to a frame the wolf behind the WMIK (or the other way round if needed....). I didnt want to fit the earlier ones as never seen any on the wolfs before with any thing like these fitted.
  22. Maybe you can show where they came from, as neither of my wolfs have them, and I cannot see them listed in the parts book?
  23. What about picking up an old used caravan.... Compliant brakes, lightwieght galvanised chassis, and cheap as long as you find one with a rotten body. Use that to then modify and mount your LWB rear tub on. I do like the idea. A practical solution to wanting to demonstrate the 9x9 tent with a landy on the back, but also wanting to display the landy its self.....
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