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  1. cab lifted, lift pump pumped till hard truck fired up after a couple of cranks . Thanks for the tips ps. you don't need to lift the cab
  2. thanks for the replies , of to freeze my tits off
  3. luckily it wasn't on the road . just been shunted around the yard . wheres the primer ? been lazy don't want to lift the cab it freezing here in manchester . Thanks
  4. I have a daff drops that has run out of fuel . will be going to it tomorrow , are they self bleed or does anyone know the procedure Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply to my question .
  6. took my drops for mot today , the first time driving it on the motorway . at 50mph revs where in the red 2900 rpm is this normal , I thought it sounded like it could do with another gear . thanks dan ps hows it limited can it be removed 60mph is bad never mind 50
  7. All 432 owners keep an eye on top gear in the coming weeks
  8. you can self insure £500,000 lodged with loyds . buy a drops £7000. you still miss the point you cant get it licensed . watch this youtube video and see how the illegal limo ops are been caught. let alone it dosent meet C&U however if you make it meet C&U you can do weddings and funerals . or do it for free as these dont come under Hire&Reward.
  9. it cant be done legally . you cant get a licence for novelty vehicles /
  10. xtreme


    Its not going to be a limo its to partner up with the H1 Swat for a advertising company which I cant say. Will be having some swat decals on it next week
  11. xtreme


    Just spent a couple of days on Saxon nearly ready .
  12. thanks chris that helps. i have the wrong thing :mad:
  13. just bought one of these wheel carriers http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Land-Rover-Wolf-TUFF-LIFT-spare-wheel-carrier-/260748097474?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3cb5cc37c2#ht_500wt_922 scratching my head how do you fit it to the side of your landrover . thanks
  14. thanks guys anyone know how well these mount up to a 300tdi .
  15. the v8 petrol engined snatches in withams does anyone know what gearboxes are in them . thanks
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