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  1. Arrived yesterday and it was better than I'd expected plus the sun shone much of the day drying up some of the less wet parts. Be under no illusion, some of the paths and tracks are all but impassable particularly deep into Monktons. Bits of Americas are also very boggy. Living history area OK to walk but the roads down to the arena are, again, virtually impassable. Stalls area more or less OK with just a few bogs but some traders still setting up. It's currently dry but overcast. Walking by far th ebest (and only in some places) way to get about but wellies are necessary as some road/tracks under a wet slurry that comes well over the ankles. I'm still waiting for that shot of someone falling face down in it... but, frankly, if I avoid that fate in the next 5 days it'll be a miracle. Haven't checked Medway yet but apparently that's where a lot of people are being sited. Good luck.
  2. I can safely say that, given the opportunity, the Cromwell will/would be a cover and spread all over the inside of CMV whenever it is completed. Good luck and Regards John
  3. I've just started work on the M10 feature today and have scheduled it for the issue of Classic Military Vehicle coming out just before Christmas (which is just around the corner in mag terms). Frankly, it is impossible in a mag feature to do justice to the amount of time, effort, sweat, blood etc that go into such things, but I'll give it a damn good try. Adrian B and Carl did a wonderful job on the restoration and Adrian S couldn't have been more helpful and enthusiastic in letting me clamber all over it. Thanks guys Regards John
  4. All good advice. Here is another... make yourself familiar with the your target publication. It will have a general approach and style. I was once offered an 11 page feature on a pushbike. Very good it was, but not CMV material. Offer a mag something outside of its style or remit and you have an uphill struggle, particularly as an unknown quantity. To answer another of Adam's questions, if you supply a photo you will be expected to have cleared copyright. If the pics are yours that is obviously no problem. Be aware that some publishers have attempted to 'rights grab'.... I won't bore you with the ins and outs of that but simply make it known that you offer pics on a 'one-use only' basis. I don't think anyone has suggested this, but when you are proofing, read the piece out loud to yourself following your own punctuation carefully. If you turn blue and feel faint, add a few stops and commas. Seriously, it works. Best of luck John
  5. I've had someone kindly point me in the direction of thread, specifically that I'd not replied to an email from Loggydriver. Well, I would if I'd have seen it. As I work from home, emails to cmv.ed@kelsey.co.uk are 'bounced' to me. I've not seen this one, and I've pm'd Loggydriver asking him to copy it to my home address. I don't ignore any emails except from Nigerian Princes and vendors of small blue pills. Anyway... paper. Trust me when I say that: a) I knew nothing about the change of paper until the magazine floated (it usually drops) through my letter box. b) No-one was more disappointed than I about the change. Believe it or not - and some of you obviously don't - an enormous amount of time and effort goes into trying to make the mag a good product; to see it end up on flimsy stock is, frankly, frustrating at best. You can guess what I call it at worst. I had a word with the boss straight away and the result is that CMV is going back to the other paper stock from the next issue. Oddly, no complaints were received by me from readers; but they didn't have to complain. I already complained for them. Next... price increase. I mention this in the next issue's editorial but I'll give you the head's up now. The price increase was imposed literally as the last issue went to press. I had no opportunity to mention it in the editorial so, in the next issue, I apologise in retrospect. Next... content. This is something that is on my mind all the time and again it is coincidentally mentioned in the next issue's editorial following someone saying to me that there was too much coverage devoted tanks and that our D-Day coverage all but ignored Brit & Commonwealth mvs (complete nonsense!). While the aim would be to please everyone all the time, the realistic hope is to please most of the people most of the time. If you read back through the postings on this thread you will see conflicting suggestions.. for instance that there should be a higher percentage of WW2 mvs AND there should be a higher percentage of post-war. You'll also see a posting from someone who dislikes features on obscurities, and someone else who believes CMV should be more like W&T (which certainly wasn't short on obscurities)... and so on. Faced with so many conflicting suggestions, all you can do, in my opinion, is to be true to yourself and produce a good solid, commercial, mix of subjects in the hope that the majority of MV enthusiasts will receive the result with an open mind. They may have a preference for a particular type of vehicle or era, but are interested in all aspects to a degree. Thankfully, I think this is generally the case. And some posts here reflect that. While on the subject of content, the major thing that concerns me is how few competent and willing contributors turn up with possible material. Indeed, you may have noticed that both CMV and MMI share a couple of contributors. I'm extremely grateful to have the likes of David Fletcher, David Doyle and Pat Ware - to name but three - contributing to CMV, but I welcome hearing from anyone else with the knowledge, who can write, source the necessary pix etc etc for very little reward (and the occasionally kicking from readers who don't care for their chosen subject). It is not as easy as it might seem and I know of more than one person who has ended up staring at a blank computer screen for hours before finally giving up. I can't blame them. I could waffle on, but I won't other than to agree with the sentiment I think Jack expressed. Have a good moan on here if you want, but I am interested in feedback and the best and most polite way to feedback is to do it direct. Best regards John Blackman Editor CMV
  6. Eastblock... or Michael H... the feature has just gone to design and is scheduled for the edition out third Friday of November. And, yes, Mille is featured reading her favourite magazine.
  7. There is nothing 'funny' about the Ferret pic and nothing added in. The reason why it 'pops' out of the page is that the light was so dull (Bunker Bash couple years ago) that flash was used to enhance the natural light. Also, the grass and sky have been darkened slightly to make the text stand out more. While I'm at it, far be it from me to let facts intrude on a good story, but it wasn't CMV that chopped off Catweazle's head and inserted Pat Ware's. It was the IMPS mag, Imprint. And the Imprint editor was subsequently ditched, although I don't believe that particular incident was the cause of his demise. Carry on....
  8. Re the Stuarts on the Staman site... a Dutch gentleman, Joop Staman, was also hot on the heels of the M3s and managed to get hold of four including - as you might notice from the pics on his site - a very early M3 with a cupola. In fact I think he may have two. Thanks for the positive comments. You won't be suprised to learn that the full story of Mike Stallwood's acquisition and more pics will be in the next edition of CMV, out mid-November. Cheers John
  9. I recently came across an Ariel with '1942 W/NH' painted on the tank. The owner believes it to be a W/NG that has been incorrectly marked by the previous owner after the fitting of a civilian NH tank. It certainly looked like a W/NG. However, a colleague has suggested that there actually was a W/NH model , but I'm blowed if I can find reference to it on the web... Can anyone tell me if there was a W/NH and it what way it differed from the W/NG? Thanks guys John
  10. Many thanks to all those who have posted info so far - and I've been directly in touch with each of them. Please keep them coming guys Rgs John
  11. If you've attempted to trace the military history of your vehicle - successfully or unsuccessfully, any era, any country of manufacture - I'd appreciate hearing from you. I'm hoping to get some individual case studies for a forthcoming feature in Classic Military Vehicle mag. You can post something here, pm me, or email direct to johnblackman@ntlworld.com Thanks guys and best wishes for 2008 Regards John
  12. How is this for blatant advertising...... the easiest way for you to subscribe to CMV is to go to the website at http://www.cmvmag.co.uk (which is even linked from the the HMVF home page) and click on the 'subscribe' menu. For £51.72 (strange amount, but there you are) you'll get 12 issues delivered to your door. Fyi, we've an M7 Priest profile coming up in a couple of issues - that's just between me and you. Best wishes John Blackman
  13. Hi Neil Spent yesterday with Richard Moore and his team at Russian Trucks. Do you recognise this OT-90? You should - its yours. Boy, you are really going to have some fun with it (I did!). Its very clean inside, started on the button, pulled strongly and was very responsive indeed... steering with the yolk was an odd sensation - there isn't as much 'feeling' as when you haul back on tillers - but it was, as I said, very responsive. I am extremely envious indeed. Best wishes John
  14. You won't get many attending if you don;t say where and when... also have you emailed details to CMV for their events listing?? events@kelsey.co.uk is the email you need. Good luck
  15. Thats a coincidence.. was just putting together a feature on this vehicle for the CMV out mid-December. Quite an interesting story. The feature writer thought it would be bequeathed to a museum... thanks to Nick spotting it on Ebay I'll now be able to revise and correct the feature! Thanks Nick
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